Matricom Media Center Updated to Kodi ‘Stable’ for the G-Box Q Android TV Box

The Matricom Media Center, which is based on Kodi 14 Stable technology, has been updated to the latest and greatest from Kodi stable branch, bringing you the best XBMC/Kodi experience available. With this release comes all of the bug fixes and features, plus the G-Box framework which makes Kodi perform stronger and better on the G-Box than any other Android TV streaming box.

Matricom Media Center is found in the Google Play Store and will update automatically if your updates are set to automatic, otherwise you can update it easily by going to the link below and clicking “Update” from the Play Store, or by simply searching “Matricom Media Center” in the Play Store while using your G-Box Q. This G-Box Q update will be available at 10 PM EST, Friday, December 27th.

Matricom Media Center is 100% compatible with Kodi 14 and is designed to be the most compatible and usable with your G-Box Q to take full advantage of the advanced hardware inside of the device. All of the add-ons designed for Kodi are completely portable into Matricom Media Center, along with any other typical uses that you would have in Kodi. The primary differences between the two options revolve around integrating fully with the hardware inside the G-Box Q.

We strive to bring you the latest and most stable firmware and software apps for the G-Box. Please continue to check back for more Firmware, Launcher and Media Center update announcements for your G-Box Q Android Kodi TV box.

Note: If you have any issues starting the Media Center after updating, then you should clear the data for the Media Center. Many add-ons do not survive updating Kodi, so you will want to clear the data and install any add-ons.

To clear your data:

  1. Go to Settings, go to Apps
  2. Click on “Media Center” then choose “Clear Data”.
  3. Now you may start Media Center (Kodi) for a clean first run.
  4. Install your add-ons and enjoy!

We wish you all happy holidays, from all of us at Matricom!

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