Cloud Gaming – How does it work? Is it any good?

Once upon a time, not too long ago, my PC was screaming with dual video cards, with a CPU cooler bigger than my car’s radiator pumping sub-freezing liquid nitrogen through its veins to prevent it from certain meltdown. These days of overclocking madness and living on the edge of high-throttle gaming were exciting. You always had something to look forward to. You never even dreamed of such things as Cloud Gaming. Back then, the thought […]

Kodi TV Boxes: Choosing the BEST box for Kodi in 2020.

Kodi is more popular than ever. Did you know that there are millions of TV boxes in the world right now being used for Kodi? And that’s counting Matricom boxes alone! Obviously, we can’t count the boxes that we haven’t sold, but the number is incredible and is growing every day. So what makes Kodi so popular? Kodi is the swiss-army knife of media centers. It does quite literally everything and then some. Want to […]

Kodi Official Repository: How to install legal Add-ons easily

Hopefully, you've had a chance to check out our favorite addons: The best legal video addons for Kodi. In this post, we're going to show you a quick and easy way to install most of these add-ons. Since Kodi has an official repository that comes with Kodi by default, installing these add-ons couldn't be easier. While there are countless third-party repositories available for Kodi, we'd like to point out that the only ones that are [...]

Kodi: The 7 BEST legal streaming TV Addons for 2020

Ohh, Kodi. We love you so much but some people have used and abused and left you with a tarnished reputation. As the saying goes: With great power comes great responsibility. That certainly applies to Kodi since it’s the world’s most powerful media player. Don’t get it wrong; Kodi is a totally legal media application, but like many other things in this world, such as your laptop computer or cigarette lighter; it can be used […]

Kodi: How to install Kodi on Android TV Box without a PC

“How do I install Kodi to my Android Box?” – This is a question we get every day from our customers, especially from Firestick owners that expect a complex solution. The Firestick requires a convoluted procedure to install Kodi including what some people like to call “Jailbreaking” the Firestick. This is not necessary with the G-Box since it was designed to work with Kodi out of the box. Instead, there’s a simple 4 step procedure […]

Game Of Thrones, More Zombies, Casino Slots, & More: The Next Great Android Games On The Horizon

It’s never a bad time to check out on some of the best available Android games, given how frequently new titles are added to mobile stores. And particularly with more people becoming aware of the improved Android TV Box options we’ve been taking a look at some of the best games out there. But in this article, we’re taking a slightly different approach and looking instead at some of the best future Android games you [...]

What’s the best TV box for Kodi?

It's 2020 and Kodi has come a long way in the past few years. Now that version 18.5 is out we're asked every day which G-Box is best for this amazing media center. This is a tough question to answer because every box Matricom designed has been developed to run this software. The growing concern then is to determine which boxes are still compatible with the latest version of Kodi. Let's go over each of [...]

Dont Buy the Amazon Firestick for Kodi

You love Kodi, right? We all do. Kodi is not just one of the best but is actually the very best Media Center ever created. It is packed with tons of features. Because of Kodi's add-ons system, you're able to find a plugin for practically anything you can think of. Want to watch movies from your own collection? That's built into Kodi. Want to stream Netflix on Kodi? Believe it or not, there's even an [...]

Why the Firestick is not the best streaming device for Kodi

The Amazon Firestick. It's all the fuss and a bag of chips, right? For about 40 bucks you get a little stick that has so much to offer. For the most part, the Firestick is a good device. If your goal is to stream with subscription services such as Netflix and the not-quite-as-famous Prime, their little stick is quite effective. While it's good at subscription services, it's not so good at many other things. Here's [...]

Are Android TV Boxes still relevant in 2020? Choosing the best OS for Kodi.

"What is the best way to run Kodi, through Android or natively through Linux?" It's 2020 and the ever-popular Kodi media center is gaining popularity once again and this question is coming up a lot. After all, there are hundreds of Android TV devices out there.  There's the popular Amazon Firestick, then there's a real Android TV box that runs the full Android OS: G-Box by Matricom, which has been around for years before Amazon [...]

Kodi on a Stick: Matricom OmniStick S8X released with AlexElec Kodi Leia 18.5!

We're kicking off 2020 with a brand new release: The OmniStick S8X - A powerful, quad-core Mini PC stick designed for Kodi. Matricom has been well-known to be a top producer of Android devices for years, going way back to the G-Box Midnight in 2011. Since then, the G-Box has evolved into a more sophisticated streaming device geared to do, well, pretty much anything Android has to offer. But one of the top use cases [...]

The Best Android Games Part 2: Your Android TV Box Cloud Gaming Guide

There’s a game for everyone and the best way to access it anywhere is on the cloud. Choose a platform that works for you.

Installing and running Kodi 18.5 Leia on the Android G-Box Q in 2020 (Yes, it works!)

Spoiler AlertThe G-Box Q is still one of the best boxes available for Android Kodi The original G-Box Q was Matricom's most successful product and quickly went viral for Android and Kodi enthusiasts worldwide when it was released. It is now the end of 2019 and although the original G-Box Q has been around for years, it is still relevant and keeps up with modern TV boxes as a top contender in the market. How [...]

Fluxnode – Powerful Dev-Friendly VPS cloud servers that drives the Matricom Network

Matricom is proud to announce its switch to Fluxnode, the best VPS service we’ve ever used that now powers the entire Matricom Network. Fluxnode provides cloud virtual servers (VPS) that run everything from Matricom’s system updates, community forums, mission-critical data services, system databases, and even the website that you’re reading this post on now. The Matricom website, for example, receives around 120,000 visitors per day and is running on a single Fluxnode with minimal resources allocated. […]

Why is G-Box the Best TV Box for Kodi?

You may be wondering why you may wish to choose the G-Box Q over several of the other boxes available to you that run Kodi. Why is this product the greatest Android box for Kodi over the competition? One word: Development. Since Kodi is an open source program, we’ve been developing and tailoring both Kodi and our firmware specifically to the G-Box line. A great many other Android set-top boxes will pale compared to the […]

Cloud Gaming Meets Android: Top 5 Cloud Gaming Providers

We are hardcore fans of Android anything. We went and searched for Android supported cloud gaming platforms. We chose five companies who are bringing Android-based gaming services to try on your G-Box Q3 Plus. Each of these services has their own unique requirements or constraints but it’s a good start for those who are new to cloud gaming.

The Best Android Productivity Apps: How to Get More Out of Your G-Box

There are a ton of app options for your G-Box on the Google Play Store. We tested and picked our favorites to get you started. Accomplish more this holiday season with your G-Box Q3 and these productivity apps!

A Path to Energy Consciousness: Your Guide To Green Living

The path to unlocking your inner energy consciousness is a green one. Design an energy efficient home centered around you. Unlock the possibilities of knocking a few bucks off your next bill and the save the Earth with an Arc Home Management System.

Secure Your Home Devices: Introducing Arc’s CyberSecurity Software

Arc’s defense against hackers will protect your network and even your smart devices that make living at home easier.

How Arc’s Parental Controls Keep Kids Safe

Arc introduces to your family a secure way to limit the content they see by category, restricting URLS, and setting time limits to their internet use.

5 Games That You Can Bank Off Of

Who doesn’t want to make money playing games? Nobody that’s right.

A Dude’s Guide to TV: Sizzlin’ Summer Guide

We’re kicking the summer vibes off right with the newest entertainment to hit your screen this summer. Our top five picks are gritty thrillers, action-packed westerns, and even a little strange.

A Dude’s Guide to TV: This Spring’s Top Premieres

Welcome back fellow dudes and dudettes for another edition of “A Dude’s Guide to TV”! I’m bringing you my top five picks of what to watch this Spring. We got new releases of action-packed shows, plot twists, and we’re bringing the madness with some b-ball playoffs.

Get Arc Smart About Scenes and Routines

 You’ve probably seen all the cool new smart devices that people are using with their smart hubs to control their lighting, appliances, locks, and etc. But how do you group these devices to work together and create scenes? What can you automate within a scene?

A Smart Guide to Smart Devices

There are many communication protocols in home automation. In this guide, we will discuss the most widely used smart devices in our homes today – Z-Wave Plus, Bluetooth, and WiFi.

A Dude’s Guide To TV: This Winter’s Top Premieres

New year, new shows and this is a dude’s guide to watching the latest shows to air. Check out this curated list of TV shows premiering this winter.

Have A Smart Day: A Typical Day With Arc

Take a look and see what a typical smart day would look like with Arc in mind.

How To Choose A Router: Introducing Arc’s Network Reliability

There’s versatility around Arc’s network. Customize your router that best suits your network needs. Arc is more than a router but a solution to your home with its amazing features.

Now Streaming: Your Fall 2018 TV Guide

Summer’s out and Fall TV is in with all new programming and new seasons of our favorite shows.  Here’s a list of the best shows to stream this Fall on your G-box Q3 Plus.

Now Streaming: How to Watch the NFL on Your G-Box

The kickoff game began with the defending Super Bowl LII champion Philadelphia Eagles defeating the Atlanta Falcons. We’re starting off this season right with our NFL G-Box Q3 Plus giveaway.

Hello World, Meet Arc

Matricom’s Arc bridges the gap between you and your devices to automate your world, manage energy, secure your network and offers the most in streaming entertainment.

The Future of Home Automation  

The idea of home automation began as science fiction, with shows such as the “The Jetsons”, and it sparked innovators and inventors to make home automation a reality today.

The G-Box Just Got A Makeover: Introducing the Q3 Plus

The G-Box pioneered the Android set-top box market with a user-friendly interface that makes streaming easy and accessible. Today, Matricom continues to provide the ultimate streaming experience with its latest release – G-Box Q3 Plus.

The Ultimate College Kid Comeback Survival Guide Pt. 2

In our last blog, we shared our favorite apps to help you become a better and more organized student. Need to break away from the books? We compiled a list of apps for when the time comes to enjoy yourselves. From fitness to music, to socializing – we’ve got you covered!

The Ultimate College Kid Comeback Survival Guide

What if our G- Box Q3 with the Logitech keyboard could make your life a little more organized, make you fit, entertained, smart  and overall productive? We put together the ultimate college kid survival guide that contains a few apps and ideas to help you survive Back to School, even adulting.  

Don’t Be Afraid of A Little TV Time: The Best TV Shows for Kids

Plan TV time for your kids with the G-Box Q3.

Learning Just Got More Fun: Top 10 Educational Apps for Kids

It may be hard to get your kid back to the school and studying mentality after all the fun during summer break but that’s no problem. The G-Box Q3 offers a variety of educational games that can help develop and enhance math, reading, writing, and problem-solving skills all while being entertaining. Learning has gotten more fun with the G-Box Q3.

The G-Box Q3 Vs. The World

What are the quintessential characteristics that make up a media streaming box? We’ve created a comparison chart below to depict side-by-side how our G-Box Q3 contrasts with other streaming devices.

Join The Fun Side: Switch To A G-Box Q3

Switching to a G-Box Q3 is as simple as turning it on and unlocking the power of Android for your Tv.

Think Green: Playing Our Role This Earth Day

We believe in doing our part for the environment. In honor of Earth Day, Matricom decided to reflect on past actions on bettering the environment. In December Matricom was inspired by the Million Trees Miami movement. The non-profit’s mission is: growing a healthy urban forest that provides a minimum of 30 percent tree canopy coverage and the maximum social, economic, and environmental benefits to the region.

Springing Forward This Season with the Best Productivity Apps

We picked the best five apps to organize everything you store on your G-Box just the way you like it. Download these apps and check them out.

How to Spring into The Newest Fashion: Your G-Box Style Guide

We found 10 of the best style apps for you to use to help you transition from your dark colors to a more lively and colorful wardrobe – from clothes to accessories to shoes, we have you covered.

Matricom Madness: The Best Sports Apps to Keep up with March Madness

Are you missing your favorite team playing right now? Well, no worries. We pulled together seven of the best sports apps for all your March Madness needs! These apps provide highlights, scores in real time, and some even have streaming options. With these apps you’ll always be up to date on the craziest touchdowns and the worst fumbles. Check out these apps using your G-Box Q3!

Matricom Madness: Your March Madness Streaming Guide

Guess what time it is? March Madness is finally here! Use your G-Box Q3 to live-stream the NCAA playoff games to see if your team will make the championship.

Stream More, Pay Less: Buy One G-Box Q3, Get a Free G-Box Q

Have you been wanting a G-Box? Well, how does TWO sound? Right now Matricom is offering a BOGO sale when you buy a G-Box Q3, you receive a FREE G-Box Q.

Music Monday: Just Another Silly Love Song

Valentine’s Day may have passed, but love is still in the air. We made a playlist consisting of the best timeless love songs.

Now Streaming: Another Valentines Day Movie Guide

Grab your lover or some friends, turn on your G-Box and chill.

How to Keep Your Resolutions: Your New Year Productivity Guide

So you’ve made it through the first month and have stuck with your new year’s goals and resolutions. As the first month of 2018 comes to an end, we may find ourselves struggling. What better way to maintain your goals than with a little bit of help? We found the top 10 New Year’s resolutions and matched them with the best Android apps to help accomplish your goals — and maybe even finding another goal to set for yourself.

How to Build a Retro Arcade: Your G-Box Retro Gaming Guide

We talked productivity and had some fun with games from Google Play. Next, we’re going to talk about one of the lesser known, but way cool features of the G-Box Q3 – retrogaming. Yup, with a little help from an emulator (EMU), you can download ROMS right on your Q3 and turn your G-Box into a retro arcade for Atari, Nintendo and Sega Genesis.

How to Unlock the Power of Android: Your G-Box Productivity Guide

When you connect your G-Box and the Logitech K 400 Plus Keyboard you can easily browse the web and use apps that will help you be a little more productive. Optimize your productivity and unlock the power of Android Nougat with these productivity hacks. 

The Best Android Games: Your G-Box Gaming Guide

This Holiday Season, optimize your home entertainment and get more out of your G-Box.  We’ve packaged our new Android 7.1 set-top box, the new G-Box Q3, with your favorite Bluetooth gaming controller, the G-Pad XYBA. For a limited time, get both for a jolly good price. We’ve gathered the best Android games from your G-Box Q3. Pair your Q3 with the G-Pad XYBA and game on!

Here’s Your Chance to Win the Radical New G-Box Q3

Unlock the full power of Android Nougat 7.1. Enter to win a new G-Box Q3.

Now Streaming: The Ultimate Halloween Movie Guide

Plan a movie night with the family or with friends with Matricom’s ultimate Halloween movie guide.

How to Free Yourself From Cable

Don’t know where to start? No worries, we’re here for you. We’ve gathered the best tv and movies apps to get you started with your new G-Box. Tune in, drop out.

Meet the Q3. The G-Box of a New Generation.

Turn your TV into a Smart TV and optimize your home entertainment with the Q3’s new incredibly easy to navigate user-interface.

Matricom. The Future of Android™.

Matricom, a pioneer in the Android™ set-top box industry, has named Alex Rodriguez, as the new CEO and has relocated its corporate office from Orlando to its new home in Miami, Florida.  

G-Box Q Firmware 2.0 OTA Update Is Here

We’re pleased to announce the G-Box Q firmware update for Android 5.0 Lollipop is being distributed over-the-air as of early this morning. This update is very intensive and for that reason will require multiple steps to achieve the full upgrade. If you haven’t already, you will be prompted to update your device with the latest 2.0 update. If you decide to take this update, your box will reboot and install the initial stage of 2.0, […]

G-Box Q Android 5 OTA Update to be Released (Firmware v2.0)

Do you own the G-Box Q? Well, we’ve got great news for you! With the release of the new G-Box Q² comes a new firmware update for the G-Box Q. This new firmware, version 2.0, features massive upgrades for the Q, bringing Android 5 Lollipop to the table and adding an array of features that are found on the new Q², such as the new heads-up UI, better Kodi support and a more stable user […]

The G-Box Q² Released with New UI Face Lift and Processor Upgrade

The G-Box Q has been our flagship Android TV box for over a year and to this day is the best selling full Android set-top solution in the world. Due to the amazing success of the Q, we have decided to continue its legacy with our new product release, the G-Box Q²!

Matricom Media Center Updated to Kodi ‘Stable’ for the G-Box Q Android TV Box

The Matricom Media Center, which is based on Kodi 14 Stable technology, has been updated to the latest and greatest from Kodi stable branch, bringing you the best XBMC/Kodi experience available. With this release comes all of the bug fixes and features, plus the G-Box framework which makes Kodi perform stronger and better on the G-Box than any other Android TV streaming box.

G-Box Q Firmware v1.2.1 OTA Rollout Released

It’s been a very productive week for the Q’s firmware. Thanks to many people’s feature requests and bug submissions, we have been able to conjure up some pretty nice things for this new firmware release, which will be available via the OTA updater later tonight.

Firmware Version 1.2 Released for the G-Box Q

Announcing the release of G-Box Q’s latest firmware version 1.2 (available via the OTA Updater), incorporating many bug fixes and user experience enhancements. The Matricom Launcher has a facelift with a new default theme, along with MediaCenter (Kodi). Fixed some underlying HDMI issues that were unknown until release. Bluetooth stereo audio output now functions properly and can pair with any Bluetooth speaker system. The main goal of this release was to improve the overall look and feel […]

G-Box Q: The New #1 Best-Selling Android TV Box on Amazon

First, we’d like to say THANK YOU to everybody for your massive support and wide-acceptance of the G-Box Q. Within only two days of sales on Amazon the Q has taken over as the #1 Best-Selling Android set-top box, beating out the wildly popular G-Box MX2. As we have previously written, the first day we released we sold out of our initial stock of 1,000, which was a very happy day here at Matricom. We have since received our next […]

Miracast on the G-Box Midnight Q

Miracast has been around for some time now, but it wasn’t until the Android 4.4 update that screen sharing started becoming popular among Android. Like the previous G-Box, the G-Box Q supports Miracast. Here is a short video on how to load up Miracast.

The New G-Box Q Launcher

The G-Box Midnight Q had lots new features added throughout the firmware to enhance the previous experience for G-Box users. If you’ve used our previous G-Box products, you’ll remember the iterations of launchers that we have gone through Launcher, 3d Launcher, MX2 Launcher, et cetera. Looking for more of a TV experience, we sat down and our developers designed a fresh new G-Box Q launcher update that will make navigating and adding content so much […]

G-Box Q Released. Thank You for Your Amazing Support

Today is finally the day! The G-Box Q was released this morning and the demand has been overwhelming! We here at Matricom would like to thank everyone who has been patient with us as this release day approached.  As we move forward with the new product, we will be working on lots of exciting features that you will be able to find the updates! You can find our G-Box Q from Amazon and select distributors around the […]

Upgrading OpenELEC to Kodi on the G-Box MX2

If you’ve been following our posts the last few days, you’ll remember that we just installed OpenELEC Gotham on our MX2. This G-Box MX2 update allowed for true 1080p and all the features of XBMC without relying on the Android interface. Today we’ll upgrade our current OpenELEC to the new Kodi beta.

Installing OpenELEC (XBMC @ 1080p) on the G-Box MX2

  Thanks to the hard work of user Codesnake on XDA, users can now install OpenELEC on the Matricom G-Box MX2 devices. We’ve been monitoring the process that has been under development for some time now and decided we wanted to give it a shot too! The files that you need are very similar to the ones that you can get for flashing the MX2 firmware. We’ve linked a zip file that you can find […]

SMB Streaming to Your G- Box MX2 and G-box Q (Windows)

If you are new the G-Box era and have a bunch of files on your Windows computer, you can share that content with all the G-Boxes in your house right away! The process of sharing files form your computer to your TV is simple and requires no other applications other than your G-Box, home computer, and your TV!

Bug Issues with Kodi 14.1 (Stable) for Android

Kodi’s most current “Stable” release, 14.1 has an issue on the G-Box Q causing the display to turn off when starting, which is due to code logic that was introduced into their new release causing issues with the G-Box Q display drivers. Since our device is unique in how it handles certain intents, we cannot expect Kodi to have known that the way they utilize this function on some devices would cause problematic issues. We have an update to fix […]

G-Box Q Android TV Box is now available in Amazon UK!

The United Kingdom has been a strong market for G-Box enthusiasts since the dawn of the G-Box MX2. With the growing popularity of G-Box around the world, we’re working hard to bring these products to every country possible. Now, we’re pleased to announce that the G-Box Q is now officially available in the UK through Amazon. The G-Box Q is currently on promotion for only £72.99, which includes free shipping with Amazon Prime!

Android TV and How G-Box is Changing the Streaming Game

While Android has been out for a long time and now, Android TV is a revolutionary new concept that is making set-top boxes more popular every day. Google introduced Android TV in an effort to push their device known as the Nexus Streamer. While Google, Amazon, and others are finally emerging into the set-top box industry, other companies such as Matricom have already been doing this for years.

The Quad Core Box designed for Kodi and XBMC

The G-Box MX2 and the quad-core G-Box Q are the world’s most developed Android TV boxes designed specifically for XBMC and Kodi. As many of you know, XBMC has become extremely popular since the dawn of the G-Box Midnight over two years ago. Due to the popularity of this original XBMC box, the G-Box MX2 was designed. The MX2 brought on the first true multiple core XBMC box to the market, which became wildly popular […]