XYBA Controller

Matricom’s Newest Bluetooth
Gaming Controller

The XYBA by Matricom is a high-precision bluetooth wireless controller with 3D feedback motors that give you the ultimate experience available.

Connect the XYBA to your gaming console, PC, bluetooth device, or VR headset.

Your World Just
Got Bigger

Connect your Samsung VR headset to the XYBA to explore distant lands, up your game, and easily navigate 360° environments.

Grab Life by
the Controller

Connect your XYBA controller with your Playstation 3 or play games on your PC. Dual mode connectivity makes this gamepad compatible with most platforms.

There’s More Than One Way To Use A G-Box.

Pair your Matricom controller to any of your bluetooth devices or connect to the G-Box Q2 and Q3.

Q3 – Matricom’s New Android™ Set-top Box

$129.00 $99.99

BX – Matricom Rechargeable Controller

$49.99  $17.95

Q2 – Matricom Android™ Set-top Box

$94.00 $85.00