Matricom Madness: The Best Sports Apps to Keep up with March Madness

Are you missing your favorite team playing right now? Well, no worries. We pulled together seven of the best smart TV sports apps for all your March Madness needs. These apps provide highlights, scores in real time, and some even have streaming options. With these sports TV apps for Android, you’ll always be up to date on the craziest touchdowns and the worst fumbles. Check out these apps using your G-Box Q3 and G-Pad XYBA.

1. WatchESPN

Anytime you can check out the latest scores, news and March Madness highlights with the ESPN app. You can watch and stream live games and studio shows 24/7 on every  ESPN network on the app. Log in with your cable provider and unlock thousands of streams of shows and live events. This sports app for a smart TV is sprinkled with ads but hey … it’s free in the Google Play Store!

What’s included:  Live streaming sports after cable provided login.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


2. 365 Scores

Want to get the fastest, latest, and greatest March Madness updates? Join the millions who use the app that delivers the fastest breaking sports news coverage, highlights and live stats. This March, never miss a beat following your favorite college teams during March Madness with 365 Scores’ live sports Tv schedule and tracker. This app not only covers the madness but at least 10 different sports and supports over 2,000 competitions including this March Madness live! Download it today for free in the app store and get live updates faster than your live stream.

What’s included:  Live Match Tracker, live Tv schedule, highlight reels, & live match notifications.                                                                                                                                                                                             

 3. Yahoo Sports

Which all stars are you gonna build your bracket when the madness is upon us!? This March madness we recommend the Yahoo Sports app to be your coach this March.  It’s one of the fastest apps to get instant scores, stats, and info on your favorite college teams and brackets. Put your money where your mouth is and never miss a play as you get personalized news and updates on your team.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

What’s included: Sign into your Yahoo account and watch live local and international sports, get scores, highlights, and stats.

 4. Bleacher Report

Pull up quick alerts from every league of sports, but most importantly the NCAA to stay in the know about the latest rumors, predictions, highlights, stats and updates throughout March Madness. Bleacher report works of your location so you can be the first to know in your area, and the app allows streaming as long as you enable it in your settings!  Once you pick your favorite teams to follow, you will have personalized sports experience and never miss out.

What’s included: Live news, scores, schedules, full-featured articles, rankings, instant notifications, sync your fantasy league, and best of all you can stream from the web and social media sources for FREE!


5. CBS Sports 

All year long and all throughout March especially, keep in touch with the CBS sports app and discover the latest and greatest from all your favorite sports teams. Get the swiftest stats, news, tweets, and notifications on your screen today. The cool thing about it is you can watch and stream all your favorite teams like the madness happening throughout March.  If you don’t have time to watch, then you can hear the action on the app’s live streaming radio.


What’s Included: Every major sport covering their latest stats, highlights, news, sports radio and streaming and finally the ability to Chromecast the action.

6. Thuuz Sports

If you ever find yourself on the go or laying by the Tv remember that Thuuz is holding it down for you. Thuuz has got you covered with all the latest sports news featuring every sports highlight at your fingertips. What makes Thuuz different than most sports app is their rating system that ranks all live and upcoming games up to 100. This app was created with you in mind and alerts you when your favorite team is on.  Thuuz will not only tell you what channel to watch the game on, but it will even tell you where the game is streaming on the go and if you missed it just catch the highlights!

What’s Included:  The app features a sports tv guide, alerts, allows you to check in to a game and share with your friends,  schedule games around your life and pop-up sports updates in their home screen widget.

   7.  Fox Sports

The Fox sports app is a classic go-to guide for all your sport related needs across the board. you can stream the biggest national sporting events with your login from your cable provider. You can get all the sports news, trending videos and score updates from your sports and all-star teams!  they’ve added a new feature complete with in-depth play-by-play, recaps, highlights, and in-game previews. Just in time for March Madness they’ve added a March Madness bracket to follow the madness as these competing teams advance towards the championship.

What’s Included: Live streaming is included after signing into your cable provider, and live video, game highlights, real-time score updates and stats, and you can personalize your Fox profile to your liking.



Share the madness with your friends and tune in on the action throughout  March.  Don’t make a personal foul and miss out on our promotional offers during “Matricom Madness” too. Be sure to follow us and stay tuned this month for our giveaways, and everything you need to know about “Matricom Madness” throughout March.

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