Game Of Thrones, More Zombies, Casino Slots, & More: The Next Great Android Games On The Horizon

It’s never a bad time to check out on some of the best available Android games, given how frequently new titles are added to mobile stores. And particularly with more people becoming aware of the improved Android TV Box options we’ve been taking a look at some of the best games out there. But in this article, we’re taking a slightly different approach and looking instead at some of the best future Android games you might want to keep an eye out for. These are titles we expect to see soon, and which will be well worth your time to try out.

Game Of Thrones: Beyond The Wall

Could this finally be the one? To date, the Game Of Thrones franchise has been woefully underwhelming on the gaming front. Despite being based on a very popular book series and an even more popular HBO adaptation (yes, the ending disappointed everyone, but in totality, it was a one-of-a-kind TV achievement), the games we’ve seen so far, across various platforms, have been lazily constructed and not very entertaining to play.

Game Of Thrones: Beyond The Wall looks and sounds like a better effort. Described as a collection-based strategy RPG coming to Android this summer, it actually has a live beta already. But the full game looks promising, specifically because it doesn’t seem to be trying to do too much. It’s designed around the setting of the Wall (a massive northern barrier separating populated lands from wild people and creatures, for those who haven’t read the books or seen the show), and features grid-style battle like that of Final Fantasy Tactics. And rather than trying to capture the scope of the series narrative, it’s organized as a sort of standalone story – though still infused with the characters people know and love. It doesn’t necessarily look groundbreaking, but it does appear to have a chance to be the best Thrones game to date.

Stranger Things

Somewhat surprisingly, we have yet to see a truly compelling follow-up to Niantic’s Pokémon GO. Despite more or less sparking the augmented reality trend in gaming (even if most didn’t know to call it AR when it came out), Pokémon GO has remained one of a kind. Granted, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was fun enough as a vaguely similar AR experience, but it didn’t seem to have the same universal approval. Netflix’s upcoming Stranger Things game will look to capture just that.

We don’t actually know all that much about this one. But the show is very popular, and an AR game based on its content seems quite promising. We foresee some kind of real-world adventure that inspires people to get out into their neighborhoods and solve mysteries (and maybe hunt monsters) through their devices.

Gonzo’s Quest

This game’s inclusion on a list like this requires a little bit of an explanation, simply because casino slots of this nature are foreign to most American gamers. The simple fact, though, is that things might be changing on that front. Legislation restricting legitimate casino content online is being challenged state by state, and beginning in New Jersey, those challenges have seen some success. In fact, New Jersey has already welcomed both sports betting and online casino gaming, breaking down a significant barrier for U.S. gamers.

Already, there are whole lists of licensed and legal casino gaming sites in New Jersey, most of which contain collections of modern slot machine arcades that are already well known in countries that have allowed casino games. And among those slot arcades, Gonzo’s Quest is the de facto leader. A slot reel that revolves around an Age Of Exploration narrative and following an adventurer through ancient Peru, it both looks and feels extraordinary compared to most counterparts in its own category. It’s about as immersive and attractive as any popular mobile game, and if and when casino gaming does expand throughout the U.S. – online and via mobile devices – this could become a popular new favorite for Android gamers.

Fury Of Dracula

As much as board games have managed to carve out a place in the mobile gaming world, we don’t see brand new ones all too often. For that matter, Fury Of Dracula isn’t actually new, either. It’s a physical board game that has been around (in one edition or another) since the 1980s, and it essentially pits Count Dracula and a legion of vampires against Van Helsing and other monster hunters as they battle for control over Europe. Not a bad concept, right?

Well, we don’t have too many specifics, but Nomad Games is working on a new edition of the game for mobile, and it sounds as if there could be an Android release at some point this year. Here’s hoping, because this would be a fresh new option in the board game category.

Plants vs. Zombies 3

By now, mobile gamers have come to expect the best from Popcap’s esteemed Plants vs. Zombies series (even if there have been a few frustrations over the years with things like the second edition’s freemium play model). For some, the migration of the series to major consoles has actually made it seem a little ways removed from the mobile arena that helped it rocket to fame. However, Plants vs. Zombies 3 is expected to come out across multiple compatible platforms and sounds like an exciting new addition to the franchise.

In fact, given everything we know about Plants vs. Zombies 3, it seems likely that it will represent the best of the series to date. It will apparently have tower defense gameplay similar to that of the first two editions on mobile, yet it will also include other modes of gameplay, such as “4v4 Battle Arena.” The game is expected out in the second half of 2020 and rounds out our look at some of the best potential Android titles to look forward to.

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