Hello World, Meet Arc

Smart homes seemed too far-fetched and expensive to pull off in the early ’90s and ’00s and was an idea of science fiction. Nowadays, smart homes have gained popularity and the technology to make home automation has become more accessible.  Matricom’s Arc Smart Home bridges the gap between you and your devices to automate your world, manage energy, secure your network and offers the most in streaming entertainment.

Life’s Smart With Arc.

Welcome Arc as a new member of the family.  Arc introduces multiple beneficial smart home technologies to make your devices work together as one. Imagine waking up to the smell of freshly automatedly brewed coffee. As you get out of bed, the blinds slowly open to a new day. You grab your cup of coffee, step into a well-lit kitchen and hear the latest in weather and traffic updates. This is what a typical start to a fresh morning could look like when your world meets Arc. 

Arc lets you create intelligent scenes with smart devices that communicate through Bluetooth and/or Z Wave for any part of the day. These smart devices are controlled and managed by Arc’s smart home hub which acts as the control center.  The Arc has the ability to remotely access the smart hub via smartphone and receive push notifications from anywhere. So as you come home from a hard days work, expect to cool the house down and turn on the lights as you pull in the driveway. With Arc’s smart hub, you can connect up to a 1000 smart home devices to do many things. You can even set up home monitoring devices that will alert you whether someone is at the door or entering the garage. These sensors tell you who’s coming in or out and there are smart locks that open and close the door remotely.

Arc is conscious about your devices and appliances working around you but can also help you save monthly on your next energy bill.  There are several smart accessories that will enable you to monitor your energy consumption. Install Z Wave devices with built-in power meters to track, monitor and save on energy through Arc’s smart home hub. Inside the Arc, you can see a cost breakdown analysis of how your energy is consumed. Each device is labeled and tracked for its use by kWh over the span of days, weeks or even months. Arc provides highly insightful data that you can use to your advantage and delivers a stable connection to all your devices. You can also check interesting smart lock reviews at Tech Imperatives.

Connect And Protect Devices

Connect and protect your devices with Arc’s built-in router and firewall system. Have control of your network and set your WiFi range from “Low” to “Through-Wall-Mode”. Prioritize your bandwidth to meet and match your needs in whatever it is that you are doing. Whether you want to prioritize web browsing, streaming or gaming, the Arc will allow you to put emphasis on the task that is important to you. Put priority on how you use your network but also prioritize on how your children surf the web. The router has an added benefit of placing parental controls to restrict the content or enable time blocks to keep tabs of when they use the web.

The Arc protects you with its ability to surveil the home, restrict unwanted content to children and safeguard your entire network from hackers. The router has a built-in firewall to deter cyber attacks. The firewall logs threats in real-time and notifies you how many were blocked. Arc’s router has a subscription-based antivirus software system that is $4.99 a month after a free trial peroid of six months.  Users can blacklist and whitelist other people from using their network permanently. Pick and choose who is allowed onto your network.

Entertainment For All

Arc smart home technology has many benefits to add value to your life but where is the fun? Bring the family together around the Arc to experience a variety of entertainment. Stream movies, play games, Tv shows, and premium live Tv from around the world. Stream from familiar sources like Netflix, Hulu, and even Amazon Prime Video. Arc makes it easier to find what you’re looking for with its awesome search engine. You can search by the cast, year, genre, and so much more other criteria to narrow your search down. Some subscriptions may apply but Arc offers all the sources you need from one spot. Watch premium content in HD and 4K quality over Arc’s reliable network. Use international links to watch free international Tv and even local through Over-The-Air channels on the Arc. Explore all your entertainment options and enjoy the benefits that Arc bridges between you and your devices making life simpler and smarter with Arc.

Arc is now available for sale. Learn more about Arc Home Management System.

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