Why is G-Box the Best TV Box for Kodi?

You may be wondering why you may wish to choose the G-Box Q over several of the other boxes available to you that run Kodi. Why is this product the greatest Android box for Kodi over the competition? One word: Development. Since Kodi is an open source program, we’ve been developing and tailoring both Kodi and our firmware specifically to the G-Box line. A great many other Android set-top boxes will pale compared to the amount of development we have put into integrating this awesome media player with the G-Box.

In the past years, we have fixed up Kodi to increase the throughput on streaming for faster downloads to enable you to arrive at your articles faster. We’ve also adopted Kodi to operate specifically with our boxes, in order to be certain there are not any compatibility issues and you’ll be taking advantage of hardware decoding rather than slower software decoding. Hardware decoding is the better codec for any file type, especially the more “bleeding edge” formats. Most Android Kodi set-top boxes try not to make use of real hardware decoding and instead rely on the application decoding which will be less efficient and never effective at high definition formats without stuttering. This might cause erratic behavior for the heavier codec types as well as boost the device’s power usage alongside temperature creating a broad inefficient experience.

Our set top box for Kodi is also a part of the Google Play Store! This means seamless updates on your own G-Box with no interaction away from you. This allows us to keep our Media Center on the newest updates, it doesn’t matter what firmware you will be using. The G-Box Q has the most reliable firmware to date and we’ll continue to make sure that the device remains compatible with Kodi going forward until its EOL. Matricom has produced many Kodi boxes over the years as well, so there’s plenty of choices.

Past and Future Development

The G-Box line is always under constant development in order for we here at Matricom can bring you the latest updates, whether those are changes to your box itself or clearing up some miscellaneous bugs. Codecs, such as for instance H.264 and MPEG-2/4, are some of the major codecs that people support on our G-Boxes. However, we now have gone the extra mile to enable codec playback for codecs that aren’t widely used just as much, such as H.263. In order to make sure no real matter what codecs come out, the old ones will always work. We are always working on the brand new codecs as well. With the advent of H.265, we now have begun focusing on developing libraries to interface the H.265 with Kodi. H.265, that will be the codec that brings about 4K support inside of Kodi. Be confident that Matricom will definitely bring this technology to you personally first with the G-Box Q.

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