Best KODI Box

Why is G-Box the Best TV Box for Kodi?

Still the Best Box in the Industry

You may be wondering why you may wish to choose the G-Box Q over several of the other boxes available to you that run Kodi. Why is this product the greatest Android box for Kodi over the competition? One word: Development. Since Kodi is an open source program, we’ve been developing and tailoring both Kodi and our firmware specifically to the G-Box line. A great many other Android set-top boxes will pale compared to the amount of development we have put into integrating this awesome media player with the G-Box.

Designed for Kodi

The G-Box was designed specifically to run Kodi and that has been the case for over 10 years. You won’t find a better Android set-top box that can run Kodi more efficiently than the G-Box Q. In fact, the Q is STILL one the most powerful Android boxes on the market in terms of quality, reliability and overall performance.

The G-Box Q comes with the Play Store and allows you to install thousands of apps at your fingertips, but that’s not what is impressive. What’s impressive is how you can install any KODI Addons and be able to stream anything your heart desires with ease. The Q is so powerful that you can multi-task, even in Kodi itself. Most devices get brought to their knees when you want to do more than just stream a simple video, but that’s not the case with the Q. It’s extremely high-efficient firmware pushes the hardware to it’s highest capability, which means stellar Kodi performance.

How the G-Box Became the Best

We’ve spent thousands of development hours refining the software OS that runs on the G-Box. We have worked out all of the stubborn bugs that most manufacturers simply patch up and avoid. We  believe that a quality firmware is the key to making our product excel above all others, and our sales volume backs that up. The G-Box is the world’s most popular Android box and for good reason. Where everybody else fell off in development, Matricom picked up and pushed the firmware to a level that our competitors can only dream of. Over the years, we now have gone the extra mile to enable codec playback for codecs that aren’t widely used just as much, such as H.263. In order to make sure no real matter what codecs come out, the old ones will always work. We are always working on the brand new codecs as well. With the advent of H.265, we now have begun focusing on developing libraries to interface the H.265 with Kodi. H.265, that will be the codec that brings about 4K support inside of Kodi. Matricom brought you this technology first with the dawn of the G-Box and continues to innovate today with the entire G-Box line and now new products such as the OmniStick and Arc.

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