ELP Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Outlet


The future in home automation is here! Now you can control and monitor your appliances from the convenience of your tablet or smartphone. Save money, and the environment, by tracking your energy usage and turning on/off power to your outlets. Use timers to fool home invaders and increase your security. Home automation has never been so smart, simple and affordable. Ways to use your Bluetooth Socket: Lamps, Air Conditioner-Plug in style, Portable heaters-Plug in style, Portable fans-Plug in style, Electric fireplace-Plug in style, Seasonal lighting-Plug in style, Christmas tree lighting, Appliances, Coffee maker, fridge, microwave, crock pot, Lighted furniture, hutches etc., Under counter lighting, Strip lighting, Rope lighting, Office machines, Kids room-lamps, plug-in style gaming. Plug and Play. No hub or installation fees. Smart App with Energy Meter. Grounded Plug and Socket. Range: 30M (98’).

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