The Future of Gaming

Cloud gaming is gaming on demand. It’s like watching a movie or streaming a video on YouTube. Cloud gaming is connecting to a server over the internet, launching a game and getting all that data streamed back to you.

Imagine playing the latest and graphically intensive game anywhere and on any platform. A future where expensive and powerful PC builds are no longer needed and gaming is accessible for everyone on anything.

Cloud Gaming Is Easy

Don’t know where to get started?
No worries, we’ll break it down.

Get Ready to Launch

The coolest thing about cloud gaming is having access to 1000’s of titles and your existing games from your PC library. Find a cloud gaming platform that works for you. Check the minimum requirements to run the cloud gaming application you want and get your game on.

Start Gaming

Get in the cloud and launch the server to start experiencing how cloud gaming works. The minute you start playing a game, you’re sending data over the internet to the cloud gaming server. Keep in mind that a strong internet connection is required to run these programs and a direct ethernet connection is recommended to avoid latency.

It’s All in the Cloud

The server of your cloud gaming provider is where the magic happens. The game that you’re playing is stored onto the cloud’s server. The server decodes your gaming inputs and returns the gameplay as a video stream with audio.

This is Cloud Gaming

Your games are now being streamed to you over the internet with low latency to your monitor, TV, or smartphone. Game with friends and join a party or go solo on quests.

Join the Gaming Revolution

The Good, The Great, and The Game-Changer

Game with less for less.The future of streaming games on the cloud is here and it’s transforming.  No need for CDs, PCs, or blowing into cartridges. Join the online community and stream the most popular games.

Game On Your Terms

Don’t get left out and play the titles all your friends are playing. There are no limits to the cloud and there aren’t any wait times either. Forget about installing multiple CDs and wasting space on your PC. All the work takes place on the cloud and on your terms.

Leave It Up To The Cloud

Cloud gaming means savings. There’s no need to invest in expensive graphic cards or build a pro-like PC rig. The server carries all the weight and hardware required to play the most graphically intensive games.

Escape Virtually Anywhere

All you need is a screen and an internet connection to take gaming with you anywhere. Cloud gaming platforms are supported on mobile devices, set-top boxes, Smart TV’s, and personal computers.

Why G-Box?

A Party In The Cloud

Get online and game for less. Make the switch to cloud gaming with the G-Box Q3 Plus. The G-Box is your source for streaming of any kind. It’s perfect for those who want an inclusive device to bring cloud gaming, streaming entertainment, and productivity apps to your living room. G-Box, meet the cloud.

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