The Ultimate College Kid Comeback Survival Guide

What if our G-Box Q3 Plus could make your life a little more organized, make you fit, entertained, smart and overall productive? We put together the ultimate college student survival guide that contains a few college apps and ideas to help you survive Back to School, even adulting.  



Probably one of the best apps any college student should have is Chegg. With Chegg, students can save money on buying or renting books every semester. Another plus about this app is that it provides amazing help for your homework through different sources such as live tutors, flashcards, step by step solutions, and more.




Make your backpack lighter with Evernote. No need for notebooks anymore, take notes, brainstorm, and take pictures right on this college app. Find past notes effortlessly with the app’s ability to search handwritten content.




RealCalc Scientific

Save money on a calculator and download RealCalc Scientific. It has all the standard scientific functions plus unit conversions, constants, and more. It even looks and operates exactly as if you are using a real calculator.




Let’s get Lit with LitCharts. Literature that is. LitCharts assists users to understand the literature books that are read in school. Find guides for over 400+ titles that include reviews, summaries, analyses and much more.


Get Organized



Never forget any assignment or task with 2Do. Create due dates, checklist, start dates, and set alarms for each task. Take control of how you sort lists. 




Stay Focused

Stay focused – App Block allows you to block apps or restrict the amount of time you can spend on certain apps per day. With this app you will be able to increase your productivity time and get more work done.






Mint is a budgeting app that makes it easy to be smart with your money. It connects to your bank account to monitor where and how much money is spent. You can also create personal budgets and receive texts or email alerts when you have gone over your budget.





Having trouble saving money or don’t know how? Acorns is an amazing savings app to use. You set a savings threshold and for every purchase you make, Acorns will round to the next dollar and invest that amount into your Acorns account. 





Gain a clear picture of your finances with PocketGuard. Sync all your bank accounts, loans, savings, investment data on the app and see how and where you are spending your money. For extra security, there is an option to create a 4-digit PIN to access the app.



Think you can survive the upcoming semester a little bit now? We hope that these apps for college students available in our store will be beneficial for students to easily conquer the school year. However, the survival guide doesn’t end here. Of course we want the Q3 to be able to aid you in your studies, getting organized, and managing finances but let’s not forget your social life. Aside from being a model student, the G-box Q3 can also help you find ways to relax and have fun. Visit the Matricom website next week to read the second part of our college survival guide.

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