Secure Your Home Devices: Introducing Arc’s CyberSecurity Software

Today, no network is secure without reliable firewall protection. It used to be that computers were standalone devices without firewalls until the rise of the internet. Once modems were able to connect computers onto the network, and people were able to share their networks using modems, there had to be a solution to protect people from others gaining access to their network. Firewalls were created for the sole purpose of protecting the users from being hacked by others. Arc’s defense against hackers will protect your network and even your smart devices that make living at home easier.

Protect Your Devices

Arc protects your computer and devices but what about your smart devices that rely on your WiFi? Smart homes are vulnerable with their connected IoT devices because hackers can use your Wi-Fi outdoor security camera, and use that as an access point to your network. This is why a strong cyber security network is an essential line of defense.

IoT devices can be accessed through the KRACK method. The KRACK  method is when an attacker uses the four-step protocol used during the setup of a WPA2 Wi-Fi connection. An attacker within range of your Wi-Fi router can break through and attack your network. Hackers use a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack and gain access to all your HTTP data being sent from the client-server and data being received from your server. Hackers, using a null key, (a key with all zeros) make their attack more accessible and effective to your unprotected Wi-Fi IoT devices.

So, if an outside attacker can gain control of your Wi-Fi access point, use a MITM technique, and the device isn’t using HTTPs for communications, then the hacker would have the power to intercept the authentication process and inject anything malicious into the device.

Layered Bricks of Defense

Arc uses a multi-layered defense can protect you from cyber attacks, viruses, malware, and other malicious activity. In our first OTA update, we released Arc’s cyber security firmware to protect Arc and your connected devices. It actively protects your devices and works night and day in the backend to keep them protected. Arc’s cyber security features are able to track and block incoming threats to your network and IoT connected devices. It reports those threats back to our team. We make sure that recorded threats will never affect your devices again.  In the end, Arc works tirelessly to protect you and your devices so you can live worry free in your smart home.

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