G-Box Q: The New #1 Best-Selling Android TV Box on Amazon

First, we’d like to say THANK YOU to everybody for your massive support and wide-acceptance of the G-Box Q. Within only two days of sales on Amazon the Q has taken over as the #1 Best-Selling Android set-top box, beating out the wildly popular G-Box MX2. As we have previously written, the first day we released we sold out of our initial stock of 1,000, which was a very happy day here at Matricom. We have since received our next delivery of 5K additional units and we’re selling out of these very quickly and are proud to see that you, our loyal customer, have waited patiently for us to finally release our quad-core solution best selling TV box.

At the same time, we’d like to extend an apology for making the world wait so long, but at the same time we have to say “You’re welcome.” As many of you already know, there’s a lot of similar products already on the market, but they all share the same undeniable fact: They’re all loaded with generic Chinese firmware, which is not only a sloppy hack coded mess but is also not optimized to work with XBMC/Kodi or any other app for that matter. China’s firmware developers hack together their firmware just to make it “work”, but in doing so create stability, compatibility and efficiency bugs in their firmware. Furthermore, once their firmware is hacked together just good enough for them to sell their device, they never release any updates because they’re already onto the next product they can make more money on. As you probably already know, we designed the G-Box MX2 over two years ago and have been supporting it with customer support, hardware revisions and software updates ever since. Look for any competing box on the market that has seen this type of supporting all you want, but you won’t find one. Here at Matricom, we have some of the world’s top Android developers working in-house and remotely to develop the firmware for our devices the RIGHT WAY, the goal of making the best software possible for our devices. Doing things the right way takes time, but it pays off in the end, and to you, our loyal customer that has been waiting, we get the privilege of sharing this with.

Matricom is not a “slap a sticker on a Chinese box and sells it” manufacturer like all the other Android set-top boxes you’ll find out there. In fact, we invite anybody to compare our software to any other “similar” hardware device and find out for themselves that not only do our devices run a different version of Android, but our software is a completely different breed from anything else out there altogether. We follow AOSP Google development guidelines, which means our devices are geared to be more compatible with the hardware and software that Google expects any of their devices to be compatible with. What does all this mean for you? Product support. With a company that spends most of its revenue on software development, you can rest assured that any device we produce is going receive real support and real software updates, something you’re not going to find with any “slap a sticker on that Chinese box” company out there that’s looking to make a quick buck (which there seems to be a whole lot of these days). The revenue that comes from sales isn’t just paying people’s salary, it’s advancing the product via hardware, software and open-source development that in the end helps YOU by providing the best solution available.

At Matricom we believe in keeping it legal. Our devices come with a minimalistic installation of firmware, leaving the choices up to YOU as to which apps you’d like to install. Purchasing a device that has tons of apps and features you’ll never use is a nuisance. We prefer to make the experience cleaner for our users. We don’t pre-install any illegal apps or add-ons that may come back to haunt you later. Instead, we leave the box wide open to be customized and used for whatever your heart desires. We’re here for the long haul. While companies that promise you “free movies still out in theaters” or all the “latest tv shows for free” will come and go, Matricom will still be here selling a completely clean and legal device for you to enjoy. We never limit our devices either, which means you can install anything you like on yours without a hitch.

Thank you again, loyal customer, for waiting for us to take the time to make the perfect best selling Android TV G-Box platform. We’re here to continue pioneering new technologies for you to enjoy!

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