G-Box Q Firmware v1.2.1 OTA Rollout Released

It’s been a very productive week for the Q’s firmware. Thanks to many people’s feature requests and bug submissions, we have been able to conjure up some pretty nice things for this new firmware release, which will be available via the OTA updater later tonight.

First, we’ve tackled the power-off/on bug which has been causing the Q to lock up for some users when connected to Wi-Fi. Furthermore, we have added a menu for power off to boot into recovery or simply power off. There was a bug in the Play Store that was preventing it from loading in some circumstances, so we have updated to the latest Play Services framework to remedy this issue. Media Center has been updated to the latest stable Kodi code, which should fix many of the smaller issues that some users were having. The browser’s user-agent has been fixed as well as setting the homepage URL to Matricom, respectively. Although the IR remote sensitivity (causing multiple keypresses, etc) has been recognized as a bug, we will be working on this for our next firmware update which will be available in the coming week.

The Matricom Launcher has been our main focus for development and now features user-configurable rows that allow apps to be added and removed in the order the user desires. Another nice feature is user configurable wallpapers, so you can choose a new default wallpaper for your launcher background. Our next steps with the launcher are to integrate popular streaming platforms such as YouTube right into the browser, integrating settings and other system-level functions as well as making the entire interface more user configurable. HyperStream technology is still on track and will be introduced into the launcher near the end of 1st quarter 2015.

Our next release will be available before January 1st and will include XBMC pre-installed for those that prefer the older and more stable XBMC over Kodi. We have other bug fixes we’re working on and we appreciate everybody’s submission for bugs and feature requests. Your voice is the driving factor that gives us the direction to make G-Box products the best device suited to your needs.

Thank you, from all of us at Matricom, for your loyalty and support.

EDIT: Firmware link for those that would like to download the OTA Update: http://matricom.net/support

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