Cloud Gaming Meets Android: Top 5 Cloud Gaming Providers

Cloud gaming isn’t that new but the market and technology are growing rapidly. This new pique in interest has even caught the attention of larger companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Google as they develop and get ready to launch their own cloud gaming platforms. Gaming on demand takes the hardware out of the equation. Gamers sign-up to an online gaming platform, start gaming, and that information travels to and from the cloud as audio and graphics streams.

We are hardcore fans of Android anything. We went and searched for Android supported cloud gaming platforms. We chose five companies that are bringing Android-based gaming services that run great on the G-Box Q3. Each of these services has its own unique requirements or constraints but it’s a good start for those who are new to cloud gaming.

  1. Steam Link

    The Steam link application acts as an extension of the Steam network. The app is available free of charge from the Google Play Store. It’s still in beta mode, but it supports Android 5.0 or later. Stream the games you have on the Steam to your phone, tablet, or G-Box Q3.

    The app works with Bluetooth controllers so you can pair it to an XYBA if you don’t already have one. Open the app and pair your remote. To get access to your games, you need to connect to your local PC running Steam. For the best performance, we recommend all these services connecting to a 5 GHz wireless connection or hard wired Ethernet connection.

  2. Remotr

    Remotr is an app similar to Steam Link where you can play your PC games on their cloud server. You can be anywhere and game the PC games you own on the Remotr app. Play co-op games with your friends on mobile devices.

    Not only can you game on your phone, but also on a Smart TV, and if you don’t have a smart TV, then connecting a G-Box to your TV is the way go. Remotr works with Android 4.1 and up, so you can play all the triple “A” titles on your PC to your G-Box.

  3. Parsec

    Get access to all your PC games with Parsec’s streaming technology. It’s a little experimental but it works for Android devices 5.0 and later. Parsec lets you choose from several hardware providers from different locations at a price so you can play graphically demanding games.

    For now, Parsec lets you choose from using a Paperspace or Amazon computer but in the future, they’ll offer more machines for you to game on. The company is still expanding and may not be perfect, but you can try this cloud gaming provider out with a G-box Q3. Parsec supports Bluetooth controllers so pair it with an XYBA and try it out.

  4. Shadow

    Shadow is a remote cloud gaming service that lends you a high-end local PC so you’re not shelling out thousands of dollars on a gaming PC. Shadows lets users have access to a Windows 10 programmed PC with high-end hardware. Install the games you want and the software you need so you can play, work, and experience the feel of an expensive machine.

    Once you’ve gotten set up with Shadow, download the app and connect your cloud gaming rig to your G-Box Q3. This is an awesome opportunity to game blockbuster titles or indie games. You can stream 4K quality images with little to no latency considering your internet connection. It doesn’t have to be all about gaming because you can use the G-Box as a powerful PC running off Android 7.1. Plans start at $34.95 a month.

  5. Vortex

    Vortex brings cloud gaming to all your devices. Get the app, create an account, and play over 80 games without having to waste space on your hard drive. The cloud gaming software is available for Android 5.0 or later and runs smoothly when it’s on a direct Ethernet connection. We tested Vortex in-house on a G-box Q3 and had a blast.

    The cloud gaming service isn’t perfect but it’s legitimately a cloud gaming provider that doesn’t require you to physically own the game for PC. They’re an inexpensive cloud gaming platform starting at $10.99 a month and they’re working hard to update their server’s performance. They have popular titles like Fortnite, GTA V, or Fallout 4 and even have indie titles that you can explore and have fun with.

Leave It To The Cloud

The future of cloud gaming is evolving and the technology involved is getting better with time. Consoles will still coexist around cloud gaming providers as the years go by but its viability remains unknown. However, we can still get a taste what it’s like to cloud game.

We can now experience cloud gaming on our Smart TVs, smartphones, and our set-top boxes like the G-Box Q3. Play the PC games you own and link it to your G-Box Q3. Don’t feel like buying PC games but still want to feel what’s it like to cloud game? Then use pure cloud gaming streaming apps like Vortex to get into the cloud gaming action. Learn more about gaming on demand here, and check out how Matricom puts you in the seat of the action in the cloud gaming world.

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