GBox - How do I enable Touchscreen mode for my touchscreen monitor?

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I have my GBox connected to a touch screen monitor, a mouse, and the remote control.  (I have also tried the three independently)  The mouse works as I would expect.  The remote works as I would expect.  (including the mouse button)  However, the touchscreen monitor is always in mouse mode.  I cannot seem to change it to touchscreen mode.  I have tried three different touch screen monitors from two different manufacturers.  They work fine with other machines.

One time, and one time only, when I booted up the machine, the touch screen monitor worked as a touch screen.  I don't know why it worked, but it did work for one session.  After rebooting, it no longer worked, and hasn't since.

1 Answer

Touch screen input is not a feature on the GQ.  From what I understand the feature is not supported in the kernel.
answered Jan 12 by Hugh Mungus G-Box Expert (9,118 points)