Black screen and wont connect HDMI

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I'm not receiving a connection to Gbox Q2 via HDMI; only shows black screen and my power on the the Gbox Q2 "g" is on. I have tried this so far.....Unpluged the power; while the power is still unplugged and hdmi cord is in gbox q2 and tv I have tried to reset via toothpick method ; obviously while reinserting the power cord into the g box q2 while still holding the toothpivk in the reset slot while hearing the "clicking" sound,  with no luck..... tried on my smart tv and and my other tv...what our my options now? seems the g box q2 is not working properly and is bricked

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Do you have another HDMI cable you can try on those TVs? Otherwise you may need to send your G-Box in to Matricom by e-mailing support@matricom.net with the Amazon Order Number from the purchase.
answered Jan 13 by Chill G-Box Expert (9,016 points)
This sounds like an issue I encountered. After hooking it up to an HDMI PC display, (be sure to set it to HDMI mode) and watch it boot up. I then was able to see some flickering. Using another HDMI cable fixed it.
answered Jan 16 by lcaudell G-Box Newbie (2 points)