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My Q2 seems to freeze when attempting to play certain file types.  Where can I download the latest firmware to reflash device?
commented Jan 8 by anonymous
Finally a firmware that worked.  I have tried so many links, so many times & failed.  This time I used yours below 1st time on a pc & copied it to a smaller SD card 4GB SanDisk SDHC.  I'm not sure if it was this link or the smaller card,as I was using 32gb before.  I'm so sorry you are having problems, I know how it feels same here for a month & a half.  This launcher has a nicer look & home button works.  I still have not seen a better launcher (I've seen many) than Beelinks GT1 box comes with called LiteHome Launcher.   I tried using LiteHome, but no luck it won't run.

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The above link is provided for the latest firmware (currently in beta), however upon my attempts the download will always fail at 330mb. I believe Matricom need to re-upload this file
answered Jan 7 by Matt