About Matricom

Matricom was founded in 2008 and strives to be the world’s leader in cutting edge business and consumer streaming technology. In 2010 G-Box originated, a concept of bringing affordable set-top technology into everybody’s home. Since this time we have developed the G-Box Midnight which revolutionized the set-top industry. In 2012 the G-Box MX2 was developed, which became the world’s most popular Android TV based Set-Top solution. 2014 brought the G-Box Q is to change the industry yet once again, implementing not only power and functionality, but a technology known as HyperStreaming™, a whole new P2P platform for sharing the data that is consumed with other G-Box owners, essentially making everybody’s media streaming experience seamless, quick and powerful. Now in 2016, the G-Box Q 2nd revision has been released with a much more powerful processor, newer interface and even more features than the original G-Box Q.