Veho Kasa LED Light Strip


Enjoy low energy adaptive lighting with the kasa smart lighting Bluetooth wireless LED light strip. Automate your home lighting wirelessly through the kasa app for iOS and Android devices. The kasa smart lighting Bluetooth LED light strip is an adaptive 10Ft strip of LED low energy lighting with 3M sticky back adhesive that allows you to backlight, down light or uplight to create spectacular looking home or commercial interiors. Adapt Your3 m10ft kasa LED light strip to a length of your choice by using the safety cutting lines. The kasa LED light strip will give you 15,000 hours of adaptive low energy lighting and have a cost efficient life expectancy of 15 years when used 3 – 4 hours per day. In conjunction with the kasa smart lighting bulbs and the app for iOS and Android devices, you can enable a world of adaptive and creative lighting while automating your home lighting through the power of your smartphone or tablet. With white or yellow light hue and 16 million dimmable colors available, you can preset Groups of rooms or moods so that you can control and adapt the lighting of your home environment at the touch of your smartphone or tablet. Using the kasa lighting app you can Schedule a 24/7, 365 day Schedule of lighting for home and even choose to dim your lights by Schedule or turn your lights out by countdown, which is great for young children or when you are leaving the house for an evening.

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