MagicConnect Smart Light Bulb


Meet MagicConnect Mesh. Your personal wireless lighting system that lets you easily control your lights from your smart device or compatible controls and create the right ambiance for your every moment.  Control each bulb individually, or together as a group. Connect up to 64 bulbs per group. Schedule timers so you can appear home while you are away. Sunrise/Sunset feature to simulate morning and night. Sync your music to your MagicLights to create the ultimate party. Play music through Spotify, Pandora, etc. Each bulb acts as its own WiFi extender making it a true mesh network across your home. You can now reach difficult areas of your home that the WiFi is not able to today. The Night-Light option helps you easily choose from 2000k warm white to 6500k cool white on the Kelvin scale. MagicLight has a lifetime of 20,000 hours and consumes just 4.5 watts delivering about 80% energy savings.

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