Lumenty Dimmable Multicolor Light Bulb


The Lumenty Bluetooth smart light is an app-controlled, color-changing LED bulb that’s easy to install. Setup your smart home light in minutes using your iPhone or Android, without a hub or bridge. Sync the Lumenty app to your bulb to choose from over 16 million home lighting color possibilities using the in-app color wheel. You can group and control multiple bulbs at once or make each bulb shine with a unique color or function. The Lumenty smartphone app is free in the App Store and Google Play Store. Keep your home safe when you’re away: set timers from your phone to automatically turn your bulbs on and off at designated times. The lights make it appear as though you’re home, even when you’re out of town. At your next party, sync your bulbs to the beat of your music. See sound in vibrant color by configuring your lights to dance to your favorite tunes. The Lumenty bulb can simulate a sunrise from your bedside lamp. Configure the timer in the phone app before you go to sleep. The next morning, a steady, slowly brightening light will help you wake up. You get to choose the time, color, and duration of your personal sunrise. With limitless color possibilities, your day to daylighting can be as unique as the day itself.

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