Behmor Coffee Maker


The Behmor Connected Brewer was engineered so that everyone could enjoy barista-style coffee at home while customizing to their brewing preferences. Joe Behm, Behmor’s founder, set out to remove the variables that cause the most common problems in coffee brewing: over or under extraction, improper temperature, and inadequate saturation. The Behmor brewer heats the water directly in the reservoir above the coffee grounds so that no heat is lost during brewing. It also features pulsed water flow and a large showerhead to fully saturate the grounds. A pre-soak option allows the coffee to fully bloom before brewing to ensure the perfect flavors in your cup. The mobile app allows users even more control over coffee brewing allowing them to set altitude, brewing temperature, and pre-soak time while saving preferences to their ‘favorites’. The most recent innovation to the Connected brewer is the ability to integrate with Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service. This enables the Behmor Connected to detect when you are low on coffee, and can automatically reorder beans before you run out.

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