Aeotec Smart LED Lighting Strip


LED Strip from Aeotec is an all-in-one lighting package that lets you decorate a room with light and it lets you fill a room with light too. Installation is a breeze: simply stick the strip on most any surface, plug it in, and sync it with your Z-Wave controller; if it’s too long, easily cut it at any of the marked 8” intervals. In no time, you have 16 million colors of light and dedicated warm and cool light in demand and ready for automation and scheduling via Z-Wave. LED Strip’s 5,000 lumens can be dimmed as low as 1% so that the strip’s dedicate white and dedicated color diodes can always emit the perfect color and shade of light at the right time. Powered by Z-Wave Plus, LED Strip can be responsively controlled via associated Z-Wave devices such as motion sensors, and further scheduled and automated with an Arc Home Management System.