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    Tabitha Davila

    1. Use the G-Box’s built-in Internet browser to surf the web.
    2. Download over a million apps from the Google Play Store.
    3. The G-Box Q3 (Plus) can stream all types of media like movies, TV shows, play games, or use apps for productivity.
    4. The G-Box Q3 (Plus) supports wireless USB keyboard or mouse.
    5. You can download external content from your USB, SD Card, or external storage device to the G-Box Q3 (Plus) to install apps or other content.
    6. The G-Box Q3 (Plus) is compatible with our G-Pad BX/XYBA controllers via wired or Bluetooth connection.

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    Brenda Williams

    My most enjoyable activity on the G-Box is to watch fedor holz strategies on the big screen. I was watching one last Saturday and I want to thank you for this great device!

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