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    Tabitha Davila

    Netflix has made changes on their system and now certain certifications are needed to run the newest versions. Matricom is currently in the process of gaining these certifications. On the older units i.e. G-box Q and Q2 you can use an older version of Netflix and it will work with you unit.
    1. Simply download Aptoide from your browser.
    2. After installing, then search Netflix in the Aptoide application
    3. This will bring up a list of compatible versions of Netflix
    4. Simply install the first one in the list and enjoy your streaming service

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    Brenda Williams

    Thanks for the info! Now I think my problem could be solved because before I found this thread, I had to read about Phil Ivey instead of watching my lovely Black Mirror series.

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    google [url=https://www.google.com]google[/url], https://www.google.com

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