Upgrading OpenELEC to Kodi on the G-Box MX2

If you’ve been following our posts the last few days, you’ll remember that we just installed OpenELEC Gotham on our MX2. This G-Box MX2 update allowed for true 1080p and all the features of XBMC without relying on the Android interface. Today we’ll upgrade our current OpenELEC to the new Kodi beta.

Our man Codesnake over at XDA, once again has followed through and put our MX2 to the test and successfully ported OpenELEC to the MX2 with Kodi Beta 2. Updating your G-Box Kodi is very straightforward on the new versions of OpenELEC. You will need:

  1. A Computer connect to the same network as your MX2
  2. The Kodi install files (TAR File)
  3. Your MX2 running OpenELECOn

On your MX2 running OpenELEC, navigate to “System > System Info” and under the “Summary” find your existing IP address. Once you have your IP address, open up Windows Explorer and in the address bar type “\\YOUR-IP-ADDRESS-HERE” without quotes and replacing the IP address.

If the update folder is not there, you will need to manually add the update folder onto the MX2. This process can be done very quickly with SSH and program called “PuTTY“. Enable the SSH protocol on your MX2 under “System > OpenELEC > Services > SSH”. It takes a minute to turn the service on.

Open up PuTTY, and type in your IP address in the “Host Name” section. In my case, the IP address was “”. The login screen will appear, and the credentials are “root” for the username and “openelec” for the password (both without the quotations). Once this logs you in, you can type the command “mkdir /storage/.update“. Note the period that is in front of the update. You can now close out of the PuTTY session and refresh your file browser. The “Update” folder should now appear.

Our folder is now made, we just need to copy the TAR file we downloaded into the Update folder. Once the copying is completed, restart your MX2. The OpenELEC software will automatically pick up the file and start the upgrading process. Once completed, you’ll be on the latest version of OpenELEC with Kodi! One thing we noticed from last time that you will want to change is the resolution. By default, the box loads up in 720p, not 1080p. Navigate to “System > Settings > System > Video Output” and change the resolution to 1920x1080p or 1920x1080i. Now we are rocking 1080p on our MX2 naively with Kodi!

Words of Caution: Remember that not only is OpenELEC a beta, but so is Kodi! So there may be bugs. If you experience any difficulties with the OpenELEC software, you may need to reach out to the XDA forums for troubleshooting steps.

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