How to Unlock the Power of Android: Your G-Box Productivity Guide

You’ve got your new G-Box Q3 and Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard Bundle and downloaded the best productivity apps from your G-Box. Now what? We’re going to show you how to optimize your productivity and unlock the power of Android Nougat with app organization and some of the best features for your G-Box.

1. Categorize Your Favorite Apps

The Q3’s new launcher, categorizes your apps into individual pre-loaded sections, making finding the apps you want to use intuitive and effortless.

Use the G-Box’s launcher to its full potential. Download your favorite apps from the Google Play Store and browse recommended apps from the Matricom Store. Add your favorite Android productivity apps to each category to make finding apps the apps you love super fast.

2. Optimize Your Home Screen

Now that you’ve got your apps organized by category, what’s next? Easily access your favorite and most used apps from any category by adding them to your Home screen. Add any of the apps you’ve downloaded from the Google Play Store or Matricom Store, so you can access them instantly when you turn on your G-Box.

3. Swipe Between Apps

With your G-Box you can multi-task from the comfort of your living room. You can switch between open apps easily and quickly without having to go back to the Home screen.

Open the applications you want to use and switch back and forth with the click of a button. Hold down the menu button on your G-Box Q3 remote or hold down F3 on your Logitech Keyboard to swipe between all of your open apps.

4. Split Your Screen

There’s more! If you don’t want to keep switching between apps, you can also view them side by side on your screen. Read a recipe while you work on your shopping list, write an email while you look at your calendar, work on Google Docs while you browse the web, and more!

First, open the applications you would like to pull up side by side on your screen. Open up the Android shortcuts by pulling up on the bottom of the screen with your G-Box Q3 remote curser or with your Logitech Keyboard’s trackpad. Select the [] screen button to view all of your open applications. To select the screens to display side by side, drag the app you want to split to the left and then another to the right.

5. Use Chrome to its Full Potential

Pick up where you left off. If you didn’t sign in to your Google Account when you ran the G-Box Q3 setup wizard, we highly recommend it. With your G-Box not only can you download apps from the Google Play Store, you can also use your Google Account to sign in to Chrome and sync your G-Box with your other devices.

Sign in to your Chrome browser to view all of your open tabs across all of your devices, view your history, bookmarks, and even access your saved data such as passwords.


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