The Ultimate College Kid Comeback Survival Guide Pt. 2

In our last blog, we shared our favorite apps to help you become a better and more organized student. Need to break away from the books? We compiled a list of apps on your G-Box Q3 Plus for when the time comes to enjoy yourselves. From fitness to music to socializing apps for college students – we’ve got you covered!

Fitness Apps for College Students

Simply Yoga

Find your zen with Simply Yoga. Choose your workout length between 20, 40, and 60 minutes and learn over 30 different poses. And if you’re trying out yoga for the first time the app includes videos demonstrating how to get into each pose.




Get the most out of your workouts with Endomondo. The app gives you the ability to track your running, walking, cycling and 60+ other sports. Receive audio feedback on your workouts and notifications when you reach a personal best.     



Home Workout – No Equipment

No time for the gym, no problem. Just a few minutes of you day and you can build muscles and keep fitness right at home. Something unique about this app is that it includes warm-up and stretching routines to make sure you get the best out of your exercise.




Track your workouts and receive in-depth analysis and interactive progress graphs straight from the app. FitNotes is made to be easy to use. 


Socializing Apps for College Students


Send text message make calls anywhere around the wall without having to pay extra fees. Viber uses internet connection to connect you with family and friends. It also has fun features such as emoji icons, cool stickers, instant video messages, and more. With Viber, you can stay in contact with any international students you become friends with.




Another popular free messaging app is WhatsApp. No fees or extra charges, all you need is internet connection to use the app. Features that the app provides are sharing your location, exchanging contacts, setting custom wallpapers, and more.




Swipe left. Swipe right. Match. Chat. Date. That’s how easy it is to use Tinder. Browse through photos and read descriptions and see who interests you. It is one of the most popular apps for meeting new people, so why not give it a chance.




Zoosk is dating app that has features that make it more appealing for those that want more security in knowing who they are matching with. Zoosk has a photo verification feature that lets members send videos to confirm that they look like their photos. The app also offers more advanced search options to better find matches for your preferences.  


Music Apps for College Students


Create your own playlist of your favorite songs, or listen to your favorite artists all in one app. Spotify gives users access to a massive library of music at any time. If upgraded to a premium account, users can download songs for offline use and enjoy no ads interrupting your listening time.   




Discover new music, videos and exclusive content on Tidal. Not only will you be able stream music but also be able to experience music videos and concerts in HD that are only available on Tidal.       




Extend your music tastes with Pandora’s variety of music stations. Each station plays a numerous amount of songs and updates as new music releases. Create your own stations or enjoy more features by upgrading your account.                            



Lifestyle Apps for College Students


Find new things to do locally with Eventbrite. Discover what your city has to offer such as festivals, classes, free events, conferences and more. You can even see which events your friends are going to a get tickets. Once you buy the tickets you can easily sync it to your phone to have the tickets readily available.




Use Bandsintown and never miss another live show. The app has features that notifies you when you’re favorite artist is in town, syncs with your Spotify account, and more.




Love to eat? Never go a day without knowing what to eat with Zomato. Find the best restaurants, cafes, and bars in your town.  




Now that you have the completed survival guide it’s time to plug in your G-Box Q3 and get to work! Pair your Q3 with the Logitech keyboard to have more accessibility using the apps. Survive back to school and life with these apps available on our Matricom store.

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