The G-Box Q3 Vs. The World

Going out to purchase a Smart TV or an over-the-top TV box can be expensive. Most are also limited in features and accessibility. Some of the most popular TV streaming devices are also limited to what apps they can install or support. When it boils down to streaming media players, we looked at the necessary stats required to make your Smart TV even smarter.  

What are the quintessential characteristics that make up a media streaming box? We’ve listed the most common key components in our set top box comparison that make up a streaming box from software to hardware. Amazon’s Fire Stick, Amazon’s Cube, and Apple TV puts up a good fight, but are lacking in internal storage, optical audio and video chat. Although the Apple TV has 1Gb of more ram, it doesn’t outshine the other exceptional attributes of the G-Box Q3. Each of the devices listed below in our TV streaming device comparison shares similarities and some differences with the Matricom G-Box, but the Q3 compensates that by being the better overall streaming device amongst its competitors. We’ve created a streaming box comparison chart below to depict side-by-side how our G-Box Q3 contrasts with other streaming devices. You can see for yourself below.   

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