The Future of Home Automation  

The idea of home automation began as science fiction, with shows such as the “The Jetsons”, and it sparked innovators and inventors to make home automation a reality today. Home automation devices have evolved over time and have become more accessible and easier to implement in your home.  

Imagination Creates Innovation

Living in a smart home is a relatively new concept. Since the turn of the century, inventors have designed and invented devices that have inspired smart technologies today. For two decades, (1900s-1920s) things like vacuums, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning, light switches and so much more influenced modern smart home technology today.

Fast forward forty years later and you have arguably the first actual smart home device called, the “ECHO IV”, also known as the Electronic Computing Home Operator. The ECHO IV was able to store shopping lists, control a home’s temperature and even turn home appliances on or off. A few years later, in 1969, the Honeywell Kitchen computer unsuccessfully launched to the American public. It had cost at the time an unfathomable amount of money, weighed 150 pounds, and required a two-week learning curve to train the ‘lady of the house’.

In the 70s, a company called, X10 began to manufacture the first ever electronic devices used for home automation. It relied on using power line wiring for signaling and controlling appliances with short bursts of radio signals representing digital information. It was the first of its kind and technically was the first general purpose home automation device to be in use. Today the X10 is still used as a home automation device that uses WiFi signals as a more conventional means than before.

Transforming Fantasy To Actuality

From the mid-90s to today, we have seen an emergence of smart home automation technology that makes it viable for anyone to install in their homes without breaking the bank. The communication software that these smart home devices communicate through and rely on have improved since the 00s. Today’s smart safe home technologies are all about making life more efficient, greener, automated, and feasible for anyone to understand.

Home automation has made it possible for homes to be safer and more secure with surveillance technologies. There are more domestic technologies that have emerged as a result of the recent interest in smart home technologies. Kitchen appliances, automated thermostats, automated lights, scheduling devices, and more are some of the technologies that can be controlled remotely from your smart home.

Arc Makes Life Simple

These discoveries and innovations have inspired the team at Matricom to soon unveil their smart home solution for your environment. The Arc is a powerful smart home management device with features that would normally stand out on their own. We’ve packed into the Arc a smart home hub, an energy management system, a router with built-in network security, and an entertainment package that lets you play movies, Tv shows, premium live Tv on a local and international level. Smart homes are supposed to make life easier and simple. Learn how we make “Smart living made simple” with the “Arc” at

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