The Quad Core Box designed for Kodi and XBMC

The G-Box MX2 and the quad-core G-Box Q are the world’s most developed Android TV boxes designed specifically for XBMC and Kodi. As many of you know, XBMC has become extremely popular since the dawn of the G-Box Midnight over two years ago. Due to the popularity of this original XBMC box, the G-Box MX2 was designed. The MX2 brought on the first true multiple core XBMC box to the market, which became wildly popular and increased XBMC’s reputation dramatically for set-top box technology. As XBMC evolved it eventually became known as Kodi. Unfortunately for XBMC and Kodi, it is not very user-friendly and can be cumbersome to use. This is one thing that has never evolved with this popular, but not a user-friendly app.

The G-Box Q is the Quad Core box that comes to change it all. Not only is the Q highly integrated with Kodi and XBMC technology, it is also being developed to replace the necessity of using XBMC/Kodi by implementing HyperStream technology. This technology aims at replacing the need for cumbersome add-ons and to make a more user-friendly approach to capturing the many streams available throughout the Internet.

We look forward to bringing you the best in future updates and bug fixes for the quad-core G-Box Q box. We are also working on updating the MX2 to Android 4.4, which will also bring HyperStream technology to it as well. Please stay tuned for more announcements soon.

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