Matricom. The Future of Android™.

Matricom, a pioneer in the Android™ set-top box industry, has named Alex Rodriguez, as the new CEO and has relocated its corporate office from Orlando to its new home in Miami, Florida.  

Matricom hopes to reposition itself as “The Future of Android™” under the new leadership of Rodriguez who has grown his own business into an INC 500 Company.

“Matricom was the first company to bring Android set-top boxes to market and strives to once again lead the industry with the G-Box Q3. ” Alex Rodriguez, CEO

The vision for the new Matricom is to is to provide the Android community with the most reliable support, the latest software, and the best hardware in the market. To that end, Matricom is releasing their best set-top box to date, the Q3, the first Android set-top box to release with Nougat 7.1. Matricom’s new in-house development team redesigned the Q3 user experience to make it easier and more intuitive to navigate and enjoy. The latest Android TV box comes preloaded with a few key applications from the Google Play Store categorized into Video, Music, Apps, Games, and Live TV. The interface also allows users to customize the theme and select their favorite applications for the Home screen.

Matricom has always prided themselves in being an American company that provided its customers with American support. As such, Matricom has also revamped their help desk and reopened their tech support department.

“Matricom aims to have American customer support that’s not just the best but legendary.” Alex Rodriguez, CEO

In the near future, Matricom also aims to lead the evolution of Android software and hardware devices by developing new products for home automation and entertainment.

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