Learning Just Got More Fun: Top 10 Educational Apps for Kids

It may be hard to get your kid back to the school and studying mentality after all the fun during summer break but that’s no problem. With our G-Box you will be able to bring back the habit of learning without any hassle. The G-Box Q3 offers a variety of educational games and learning apps for kids that can help develop and enhance math, reading, writing, and problem-solving skills all while being entertaining. These educational games can be played for extra practice before school and during the school year. Learning has gotten more fun with these top 10 best learning apps for kids available on the G-Box Q3!

1. Peg + Cat Big Gig

Math is usually the subject that kids have difficulty with most but with Peg and Cat, it will be easy and fun. With Peg and Cat children ages 3 to 6 will be able to learn and create songs and dances while practicing their math skills. $1.99


2. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Packing lunch has never been more fun. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox is a collection of 7 exciting and fun educational games for your preschooler. Each game will teach your child about colors, numbers, counting and much more. Available only on Google Play for the first time in 8 languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese! $1.99



3. A Parcel of Courage

A Parcel of Courage is an interactive book for children ages 3-7 years old. Based on a true story, the kids help their grandma — who is afraid of flying in an airplane — gain the courage to fly to visit them. This app is filled with learning activities and unique educational games. Not only will this app help your child with their intellectual skills but also show that they can grown-up problems and make a positive difference in other people’s lives. $2.58 full version


4. Stack the States®

It’s never too early to learn about U.S geography. With Stack the States® your child will learn about the 50 states including their capitals, shapes, geographic locations and more. This game is suitable and fun for all ages so parents can have fun playing too. $2.99




5. Stack the Countries®

Want to increase your child’s geography knowledge past the United States? Try Stack the Countries®. Your child will have fun learning about the countries including capitals, landmarks, major cities, languages and more. Additionally, Stack the Countries® provides flashcards to brush up on your knowledge before playing the game. Just like Stack the States®, this game is also suitable and for all ages. $2.99



6. World of Peppa Pig

World of Peppa Pig is a great app that contains a variety of interactive games and activities to help boost the development of your preschooler. The app offers plenty of free content but you can also subscribe to gain access to everything in the app and receive new additions every 2 weeks. Start your free 7-day trial today and experience the fun, you can cancel at any time.


7. Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle

Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle is an enjoyable game that has six sections designed to help children practice reading, blend letter sounds into words and more. The game also provides positive reinforcement so that your child is having a great time and wants to keep learning. $2.99 full version


8. Kids Academy: Talented & Gifted

Kids Academy provides a step by step learning pathway divided into different age groups. There are over 5000 educational games to enhance your child’s math writing, phonics and reading skills. A major advantage of Kids Academy is that you will be able to track your child’s progress while they play the game. There is plenty of free content but you can utilize the full features of the app with a yearly subscription.



9. Zoombinis

Enhance your child’s analytical and problem-solving skills with Zoombinis. In Zoombinis players will guide the little blue creatures through fun and increasingly challenging puzzles to their new home. The game features twelve puzzles

that each have four levels of increasing difficulty and many fun characters. $4.99.




10. DragonBox Series

DragonBox is an educational games series created so students can deeply understand mathematical concepts through active engagement while learning at their own pace. It primarily focuses on algebra and geometry. The game series has games suitable for ages 5 and up.  $4.99-$7.99



Learning Is More Fun With a G-Box

Get some learning done before Back to School starts with these 10 great apps with our G-Box Q3. Save 25% with Promo Code: 25DROIDMATE.

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