How to Keep Your Resolutions: Your New Year Productivity Guide

So you’ve made it through the first month and have stuck with your new year’s goals and resolutions. As the first month of 2018 comes to an end, we may find ourselves struggling. What better way to maintain your goals than with a little bit of help from these New Years resolution apps? We found the top 10 New Year’s resolutions and matched them with the best Android apps to help accomplish your goals — and maybe even finding another goal to set for yourself. Download these self-improvement apps onto your G-Box Q3 and stay strong!

10. Travel More with Airbnb

For those whose New Year Resolution is to travel more, Airbnb is the app for you. With this, you can book vacation homes rentals and find people native to the area to give you the best experience possible. You’ll see a more authentic sense of the location and not only the tourist locations. On the itinerary, you can add experience and events so you can have everything all planned out and ready to go. It even provides you a messaging system to remain in contact with your host throughout your trip.


9. Organization with Trello

Ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day? It’s hard to balance work, stress, school, and life. What better way to prevent unnecessary stress by being more organized? Trello is the app for you. Trello provides one with the necessary tools to balance their tasks — both professional and personal. The app has several functions, such as allowing one to create boards to organize their projects and even gives the option to share it with others for them to collaborate, allows for customization for different topics; open cards to make checklists; make labels; upload photos and videos; have an agenda in calendar view; allows one to make checklists to be shared with others for them to complete; and so many more  features. Stay organized and keep your life as stress-free as you can.


8. Self-Improvement with Remente

This year make yourself a priority! Put yourself first and focus on self-improvement. Remente helps each individual person by helping one figure out their specific goals and how to make changes to accomplish their personal goals — both long term and short term. The app provides the tools one needs to help build their self-esteem and live a healthy life by relieving stress. There is also a mood journal to log how one is feeling daily and a life assessment to illustrate where one would like to grow. Each aspect helps one to look deeper inside and figure out what they want to improve on and grow individually.


7. Date More with Zoosk

One of the most popular New Year’s Resolution is that people want to go out on more dates and make connections. The perfect app to help people meet one another is called Zoosk. With over 40 million members worldwide you’ll meet singles who have similar ambitions. The app has a photo verification process to ensure people use their actual photos. The application even allows one to use an advance search based on body types, religion, height, and many more options. Zoosk will help one looking for love or even just trying to meet new people.


6. Read More Using Amazon Kindle

If your resolution is to read more books, but you want something a bit more convenient try Amazon’s Kindle App. With this app, you have the option to download books and read them wherever you are, even without wi-fi. There are over four million different books to choose from and there are also numerous magazine options. The app allows you to highlight, make comments, use a built-in dictionary, and more. You’ll always have access to your books and in a more lightweight way to carry it with you!


5. Quit Smoking with Stop Smoking

A popular New Year Resolution for many is to stop smoking cigarettes. The app is called Stop Smoking — EasyQuit. The app has two modes where you can quit either cold turkey or slowly cut back. The app keeps a log of the money you save from not smoking cigarettes. Motivational messages randomly will alert to help one stay positive and on track. Urges to smoke will occur, so there is a memory game that is meant to help pass your craving. You can also earn badges for not smoking and can reflect on them whenever you are having a craving!


4. Manage Money with Mint: Budget, Bills, Finance

Trying to manage your money more responsibly? Maybe you’re trying to save money to go on a trip or simply trying to manage your funds better. Mint brings all of your bank accounts, debit/credit cards, and expenses together for easy access. The account shows you what you’re spending, where you’re spending it at, and it will show the balance you have remaining in your account. You can track and pay bills through the app. There are also features that allow you to create budgets to help properly manage money and reminders that remind you when your bills are due to prevent late fees.


3. Mental Well-Being with Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

Being healthy is not only physical, it’s also about having good mental well being. This year focus on improving your mental well being with the app, Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax. The app helps improve one’s mindfulness and meditation to bring more peace and clarity into your lives, hence resulting in one finding more joy. The apps have numerous different programs for those who are beginners, intermediate, or advanced mediators/gurus. The app offers meditation sessions for 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, & 25 minutes. This is perfect for those who live a busy life and want to slowly form the habit of meditation. There are numerous different topics such as managing stress, focus and concentration, forgiveness, and so many more. It also tries to teach one how to breathe to relax oneself.


2. Work Out More with 8fit

This year you may have decided to exercise more frequently. Everyone starts somewhere, so with the app 8fit, anyone can start to learn the basic foundation needed to begin their journey. The app provides workouts that can be done anywhere and involves no equipment. The app is designed to be a lifestyle coach by helping change daily habits, such as one’s eating habits by teaching proper nutrition and providing convenient workouts because life happens. It offers recipes and even a shopping list to help make things simpler for you. The app is made to customized toward your fitness goals, whether they are to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain weight so you receive the results you want.


1. Eat Healthier with Mealime

The most popular New Year’s Resolution of 2018 is to eat healthy! It’s hard sometimes to not eat whatever we want, but with the help of Mealime it makes it easier to eat healthy and eat things you’ll actually enjoy!  There are meal options that are designed to be cooked in 30 minutes or less. When you pick the meals, a grocery list is already made for you. You’re able to customize the meal plan to fit any allergies or lifestyle decision, meaning there are options or vegetarians, pescatarians, paleo, and many more. This New Years Resolution app takes the stress and complexity out of eating healthy and helps you accomplish your goals.


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