Join The Fun Side: Switch To A G-Box Q3

Switching to a G-Box Q3 is as simple as turning it on and unlocking the power of Android for your Tv. The Android G-Box Q3 lets you go straight to the Google Play Store and right into the apps that you know and love.  Scroll down our list of app categories and place your favorite ones in the “Home” section for quick access.

The possibilities and benefits are endless with what the G-Box Q3 set top box can do. Create the ultimate workflow while you use the G-Box Q3 for productivity and wind down at home to the ultimate home entertainment device. Use the Q3 to:

− Stream your favorite shows.

− Watch blockbuster movies.

− View live content without a cable subscription.

− Play games from the Google Play Store.

− Checking in on your inbox and responding to emails.

− Schedule a video conference call.

− Get the latest weather updates and news.

Life Is More Entertaining with a G-Box

Experience the full power of the fun side when you switch to our G-Box Q3. Get it on Amazon for  $74.99 on July 17, 2018. Save 25$ off your G-Box on by using offer code: SWITCH 2018. 

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