How Arc’s Parental Controls Keep Kids Safe

Children are bombarded with violence and sex. It’s in the games they play, the movies they watch, and it exists online. If children expose themselves to such an amount of adult content, then they may exhibit behavioral issues or ‘mirror’ unwanted behavior. As parents, we may have to seek solutions to restrict such content in their games and entertainment. Arc introduces to your family a secure way to limit the content they see by category, restricting URLS, and setting time limits to their internet use.

Let Them Surf Safe

Children are curious by nature and impressionable as well. Sometimes they mimic what they see or can be harmed by it emotionally, psychologically, or exhibit harm physically to other children. By preventing negative exposure to a child at a young age you can protect them when they’re online.

Arc’s parental controls allow you to block unwanted content in three different ways.

  • Restrict a child from visiting an unwanted site by inputting the URL of the website so that when they visit that site they’re unable to.
  • Another way is restricting the site as a form of corporal punishment after they have visited the said site.
  • Lastly, the most optimal way to keep your kids safe is to block the category as a whole. Arc allows you to block all unwanted content and even social media.

Let your children surf safe on an Arc network and have peace of mind.


Make Time For Family

Kids spend a lot of time in front of the screen each day. It is no wonder that the top priority of parents is to keep them safe while they’re online but also make time away from their devices.

  • With Arc’s router, you can make time for family or establish a curfew when it’s time for bed with the time scheduler.
  • It’s an awesome feature of the Arc that lets you set the time your kids are allowed to surf by the hour.
  • Create a curated day for your children during the school week and perhaps a little more lenient over the weekend.
  • Every family is different. Some of us grew up with older or younger siblings. Arc’s parental controls can separate who’s connected to your network. Choose how much online time is allowed per device.

It’s All About Family

We’ve explored a few ways that Arc’s network can keep your children safe. Parental controls are needed in the digital age we live in. Kids are becoming more and more tech-savvy then our grandparents. A lot of kids are exposed to adult content and spend a lot of time in front of a tablet or TV screen. Arc’s parental controls are an asset to protecting your children’s safety while surfing online. Restrict your kids from adult content in three different ways and set more time for family with time schedules.

Learn more about Arc’s router and how it defends against cyber attacks while keeping your children safe.

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