Have A Smart Day: A Typical Day With Arc

Our lives are becoming more integrated and reliant on smart technology, internet of things, and AI technologies. The market for home automation will grow by the time we reach 2022. 50 percent of homes will have at least one smart device, and almost a hundred percent of households will have a broadband internet connection. 

The rise of Smart technologies, like an Arc Home Management System, position themselves to be an asset to the home. Arc provides the broadband connection, smart home management system, and more to be a vital asset to your life. So let’s take a look and see what a typical smart day would look like with an Arc in mind.

Smart Start to Your Day

Arc lets you customize the way you interact with your devices to make your life a little bit easier, and even more so before you hit the hay for the next morning. Programming your Arc with Smart scenes for how you’d like to wake up in the morning is possible through Arc’s smart hub and a reality with your set of Z-Wave devices.

Program an alarm that’s ready to play your favorite tunes at an appropriate volume that increases slowly as you wake. Program your blinds to simultaneously open as the music softly wakes you up from your alarm and the lighting is programmed to do the same. Don’t forget that you’ve programmed your thermostat to slowly rise in temperature, so you won’t succumb to the entrancing pull of the cool air that usually keeps you snug in bed.

You’ll slowly ascend from the bed into consciousness as the smart scene you’ve created the night before springs you into action . So, tune into your own morning announcements and get news from Arc’s Google voice assistant, and prepare for an Arc smart day.

Take Home With You

You already started your day off right, so why not make it a little bit easier from there. Take a step outside and get into your car, but as you sit there, you pull up the XHome app on your phone and start to program your house unlike anyone on the block. You set your air conditioner to reduce energy use by raising the temperature a little similar to what’s outside.  You turn off all the lights within a few clicks within the app, you lock your doors, arm your sensors as you pull off from the driveway, and arm those security cameras.

While you’re at work, you get a notification on your phone that someone has rung your doorbell. You go into the XHome app and check your security cameras at the door to see who it is. The delivery man has left your package at the door and it was all made possible with Arc. You’re about to leave work in 5 minutes, so you go into the Arc’s Xhome app to lower the air condition to come to a cool home.

Unwind To an Arc

You and the family are setting up the table for dinner. With Arc, you can set the lighting appropriately to match an intimate dinner with the family. Gather the family around the Tv and start streaming from a variety of sources like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime video.

Put the kids to bed and cut off that internet time by restricting the users connected to the Arc’s network. When your bedtime comes around you can use the Arc’s ability to power down all the lights in the home, close the blinds throughout the house, and turn on your security cameras outside for added peace of mind. Program another smart scene for the next smart morning with Arc and enjoy living another smart day.

This is what a typical smart day with Arc could look like, and just in time for the Holiday Season, you can pair an extra smart accessory free with Arc as the new extra smart member of your family.

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