G-Box Q Android 5 OTA Update to be Released (Firmware v2.0)

g-box q firmware update

Do you own the G-Box Q? Well, we’ve got great news for you! With the release of the new G-Box Q² comes a new firmware update for the G-Box Q. This new firmware, version 2.0, features massive upgrades for the Q, bringing Android 5 Lollipop to the table and adding an array of features that are found on the new Q², such as the new heads-up UI, better Kodi support and a more stable user experience.

Although the Q has seen two minor OTA updates when it was initially released, this will mark the first wide-spread, massive OTA update and we’re anticipating a lot of feedback from the G-Box community as far as their impressions of the new UI and any suggestions on our next release going forward for this device.

The Q has been a top-selling Android TV product since it’s release only a year ago and we’re happy with all of the feedback we’ve received since it’s release for improvement suggestions and bug submissions. Your feedback is what drives the innovation for a product, and we’re very happy to bring these updates to you!

Android OTA update

So if you’re a Q owner, you’re not left alone in the dark. The Q will be endowed with the majority of the new features that have been released with the new Q²! The version 2.0 firmware is 100% compatible with both the Q and Q², so any updates after 2.0 will result in both devices utilizing the same firmware platform. This means that regardless of which device you own, you will receive the same benefit of further firmware development as the Q² continues to receive updates.

The firmware over-the-air rollout is slotted to begin Friday, February 19, 2016. The update will be pushed in waves, so we can monitor the process to ensure that the deployment is successful throughout the entire process. This update will be posted online Thursday, February 18, 2016, in a downloadable format with instructions on how to install for those that wish to bypass the OTA process and jump on the new update sooner. Those that download and install the firmware in advance are welcome to share your experience and any recommendations on the new firmware so that we can begin mapping out the future firmware timeline.

Thanks again to all of you that have supported the G-Box cause and our mission to make the most open ecosystem friendly streaming device in the world! We appreciate everybody’s feedback and continued support as we push forward and bring you the best that we can in Android technology!



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