The G-Box Q² Released with New UI Face Lift and Processor Upgrade

The G-Box Q has been our flagship Android TV box for over a year and to this day is the best selling full Android set-top solution in the world. Due to the amazing success of the Q, we have decided to continue its legacy with our new product release, the G-Box Q²!

The Q² looks identical to its predecessor and for the most part, functions similarly. The differences, however, are quite noticeable as soon as you look under the hood. The new Q² is built around a custom version of the Amlogic s812 ARM Quad Core processor. This processor not only runs 25% faster than the s802 but also has advanced codec support for newer technologies such as H.265 and fully supports Android 5.x+.


The new G-Box Q² features a new heads-up UI created by our incredible team of Android developers. This new UI is very simple to use and makes navigating Android a breeze! Pressing the “Home” button on your remote now brings you to the heads-up display, making it easy to switch apps without having to close out of your apps just to go to a launcher home-screen. The new heads-up UI has been designed with ease-of-use on TV as a primary function!

Due to the release of the new Q², we have discontinued production of the Q, however, we will continue to support this product for one year. We will be providing a software update for the Q that includes Android 5.x and the new heads-up UI once the port to the s802 is completed.

Thank you for making the Q a blazing success! We’re looking forward to continuing our mission of bringing you the best in Android set-top technology well into the future.

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