How to Build a Retro Arcade: Your G-Box Retro Gaming Guide

We’ve been going through all of the neat features of the G-Box Q3. We talked productivity and had some fun with games from Google Play. Next, we’re going to talk about one of the lesser known, but way cool features of the G-Box Q3 – retrogaming. Yup, with this retro gaming guide and a little help from an emulator (EMU), you can download ROMS right on your Q3 and turn your G-Box into a retro arcade for Atari, Nintendo and Sega Genesis. If you’re new to emulation, emulating is the process of simulating the software of one machine on another. Using a rom, which is the image of the actual game converted from a game cartridge or CD, you can run games right on your G-Box. Today, we’re going to show you how to set up a retrogaming arcade with your G-Box Q3 and G-Pad XYBA in three easy steps.

1 . Download Retro Gaming Emulators

First you’ll need to pick and download some retro game emulators to make your G-Box run software that is designed for other systems. Here are some Android retro arcade emulators we found on the internet, for different gaming systems:

You can also find some emulators on the Google Play Store:

2. Choose and Download ROMs

Now you are going to download the actual game files to play on your emulator. To build up you retro arcade library, you’ll have to visit third-party sites to find games you want. You can download the games by visiting the websites from your G-Box’s Chrome Browser and downloading them directly onto your Q3. You could also download the ROMS on your computer and save them into an SD Card or into Google Drive.

3. Extract and Install ROMs

If the files are in .zip, .rar or .7z format, you will need to use the Total Commander or ES File Explorer applications to unpack the files. To load the files simply long click the file and select the emulator you want to use to open the file from the pop-up. You may need to consult the emulators manual for controls and configurations.

Game On!

You have the emulators and you’ve downloaded your favorite games. Now all you have to do is run the emulator, load the ROM, and enjoy your Android TV retro gaming setup!

Bonus: Using Kodi for Retro Gaming

You can also retro-game using Kodi’s Retro Game Roms Add-on and an emulator such as the Internet Archive’s ROM Launcher. Here’s some help from the community:

Got a matricom g-box q2 for XMas & got Kodi all set up, Now I want to set up older game emulators…Where do I get started? from Addons4Kodi

Please note: It is illegal to emulate games of which you do not own a physical copy. Matricom doesn’t condone piracy. Use the following content and links at your own risk.


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