Bug Issues with Kodi 14.1 (Stable) for Android

Kodi’s most current “Stable” release, 14.1 has an issue on the G-Box Q causing the display to turn off when starting, which is due to code logic that was introduced into their new release causing issues with the G-Box Q display drivers. Since our device is unique in how it handles certain intents, we cannot expect Kodi to have known that the way they utilize this function on some devices would cause problematic issues. We have an update to fix this issue which will roll out soon, so in the meantime, we recommend not upgrading to Kodi version 14.1, as it contains the problematic code which we will handle in our next firmware update.

For the latest working and actual Stable version of Kodi for Android for your G-Box Q, please download it from here: https://matricom.com/support. You can install this from your G-Box Q web browser, or use a PC and copy the file to an SD card or USB drive and install using APK Installer.

We have resolved this issue and will be releasing this fix in our next firmware update, which will be as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that Kodi is an open source software, developed by a community of enthusiast developers worldwide. Considering the integrity of a project this intense, it’s not surprising when bugs are unintentionally injected into mainstream code. We are handling this in a firmware update to relieve Kodi developers from having to make changes to their code to be specific to our device.

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