Android TV and How G-Box is Changing the Streaming Game

While Android has been out for a long time and now, Android TV is a revolutionary new concept that is making set-top boxes more popular every day. Google introduced Android TV in an effort to push their device known as the Nexus Streamer. While Google, Amazon, and others are finally emerging into the set-top box industry, other companies such as Matricom have already been doing this for years.

Android TV is a concept which, like the Roku and Apple TV, provide a simple-to-use interface for navigating media which is available on the internet to stream. While this concept is good, it is still lacking in usability due to limitations these companies put on the free media available. You see, Apple, Roku, Google and Amazon all share a common goal: to produce an affordable box and then charge a monthly fee for the media which is available to stream to the device. While this keeps the costs down on the hardware itself, it makes the device more expensive in the long run due to the monthly fees involved. So, what does all this have to do with Matricom’s G-Box?

Matricom has taken a completely different approach for their streaming devices. Instead of building a streaming device that is limited in the content it is capable of receiving, they decided to make a completely open-source device that is capable of streaming any type of content. This makes the G-Box compatible with more streams, movies, videos, apps and games than any other set-top solution in the world. With HyperStream Technology around the corner, G-Box is poised to set even more standards in the streaming industry by redefining the way streaming is handled altogether.

While Android TV is a nice concept, it is lacking in many features that most people would find useful in an all-in-one set-top solution, such as the ability to install any apps or games from the Google Play Store or the ability to easily side-load apps onto the device, while maintaining a standardized and familiar user experience. Matricom’s devices such as the G-Box MX2 and G-Box Q maintain this familiar Android experience while offering the most flexible abilities available in any set-top solution today. While it may be recommended for those that are just starting out in streaming technology to start with a more limited device such as a cheap Roku box, for those that demand more power and flexibility, G-Box is by far the most flexible solution available in the world.

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