A Path to Energy Consciousness: Your Guide To Green Living

It seems like every week a new tech innovation is unveiled, furthering our development to a smarter world. As we look into the future of technology, we also become aware of how the depletion of resources has had an impact on our planet. Arc’s smart home hub has an energy management tool that keeps you energy conscious around your devices and makes your carbon footprint a bit smaller.

The Power Of Smart Devices

Tracking your energy use starts with the right smart devices – Z-Wave power metered devices. The best way to keep tabs on your energy begins with the basic smart switch. Smart Z-Wave switches make any traditional device “smart ” and let you track energy consumption over time. You can also add accessories like smart bulbs and dimmers that can also output an energy reading.

Seek the Energy Within

Visualizing how much energy is consumed by each of your devices is a great start towards energy consciousness. Arc’s energy management system tracks how much energy each device uses per kWh within the energy management screen. From here, you can select whether it’s worth to keep unused devices on while they aren’t being used. Managing your smart devices is harnessing the power of savings with Arc.

The path to unlocking your inner energy consciousness is a green one. Design an energy efficient home centered around you. Unlock the possibilities of knocking a few bucks off your next bill and the save the Earth with an Arc Home Management System.

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