Live Smart

Arc’s smart hub lets you create your perfect environment. Design an interconnected world using smart devices to communicate and interact with your home. Automate your life with routines and make your home more efficient and centered around you. Set scenes to arrive to a brightly lit living room or wake up to the scent of fresh brewed coffee. Smart living is easy with an Arc Home Management System.

Breeze Your Morning

Make your home smarter and each day simpler. Create intelligent scenes that trigger actions on your smart devices to automate your daily routine.

Home Is Where The Arc Is

No matter where you go, Arc goes with you and keeps you in control of your home with the mobile app. Monitor your house through home security cameras to check if a package has arrived, monitor your pet, or see who’s at the door.

A Smarter Way to Live

Program your lights to turn on automatically as you arrive home. Get ready for bed effortlessly and turn off the lights, close your blinds, set your A/C to cooler temps for bed and get ready for another smarter day with Arc.

Home Security Made Smarter

Arc creates a smart home security system with smart locks, window sensors, and surveillance cameras to keep tabs on your pets and who’s coming in and out of your home. Check who’s at the door, or see what’s happening while you’re away with the mobile application.

A Connected Home

A smart home begins with smart devices. At the center of it all, automating your environment, is Arc. Control hundreds of smart Z-Wave devices. Pair these devices to Arc’s hub to create a secure Z-Wave network to strengthen their connection throughout your home. Connect all your existing WiFi and Bluetooth devices too so that you can control all of your smart devices remotely on your smartphone.

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Always Thinking Ahead

We all have a routine. Simplify it with Arc. Scenes are the building blocks of designing a smart home. Use smart devices in each room to create scenes and build the foundation of your automated home. Create smart scenes that work for you ⏤ set the lighting and close the curtains for movie night, or turn down the air and the lights for bedtime.


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