Rethink Energy

Step into a more energy efficient future and take a leap towards energy conservation. Arc introduces a smarter way to keep track of your energy and make better decisions about your consumption. Make the world a better place and save money for your next summer vacation.

Ride the Z-Wave

Arc’s smart hub can connect with your Bluetooth and WiFi devices but most importantly, it can create a secure network of Z-Wave devices. Z-Wave powered metered devices have built-in power meters to track and communicate how much energy you use. Take control of your home and power these devices on or off to save on your next bill.

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Visualize Your Power

Z-Wave power-metered devices track energy day and night to provide a clear energy analysis of your connected devices. Get a cost breakdown over time of each device by the month, day, or hour. Use Arc’s energy management tools as an insightful guide to save power.


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