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Latest Firmware
Firmware 1.1.5

Here you can find the latest stable firmwares for the MX2. These firmwares are only for the MX2 boxes and will not work with the Midnight G-Box. For beta firmware, please refer to the Beta-Dev Zone at the top of the website.

Verifying Firmware Version:

Verify that the box has the latest firmware. First, press the yellow button that says ‘Android’ on the remote. Next navigate to the app titled ‘OTA Updater’ and press ‘OK’. Finally, under the section titles ‘ROM Version’ list that here. It should be in the form 1.1.x. The latest firmware version is 1.1.6. If you are using a firmware that is below 1.1.5, you will not be able to use the OTA Updater to update the box. See Updating to the Latest Firmware Pre 1.1.5

Updating to the Latest Firmware 1.1.5+:

You can use the OTA Updater app to update to the latest firmware version. Make sure the Gbox is connected to the internet. For more information, please refer to the FAQ on connecting the boxes to the WiFi or Ethernet networks.

From the 3d Launcher:

  1. Scroll left or right to the “All Apps” option and press “ok” on the remote.
  2. Using the arrow keys, navigate to the app titled “OTA Updater” and press “ok” on the remote.
  3. Once it loads, choose the update that is available. (If no update exists, you are on the latest firmware)
  4. A pop up will appear saying an update is available. Choose “Download”.
  5. Insert an SD card or USB drive into the MX2 and press the “ok” option for the next prompt. It will take approximately 15 minutes to download the file.
  6. When asked, choose “Wipe Cache”. If necessary choose “Wipe Data”, but this is optional.
  7. Choose “Install” twice. The device will reboot and flash the firmware.
  8. Congratulations, the box is now updated.

Updating to the Latest Firmware Pre 1.1.5:

To update the box to the latest firmware, you’ll need to download a couple of files to use on the box.

  1. Download this file: 1.1.5Pre
  2. Unzip the contents of the folder to a blank SD card.
  3. Insert the SD card into the MX2 and power it on.
  4. From the 3d Launcher, navigate to the all apps, and select the app “Upgrade”.
  5. Select “Local Upgrade” and choose the file “MOTAUPDATER.zip”.
  6. Select “Reboot and Install Package”. The device will reboot upon successful install of 1.1.5Pre.
  7. Once the device reboots, select all apps from the 3d Launcher, and choose the app “OTA Upgrader”.
  8. A window will pop up saying there is an update available (1.1.5). Choose “Download”.
  9. It will ask for a blank SD card or USB drive. Insert it into the MX2. It will take approximately 15 minutes to download the file.
  10. When asked, choose “Wipe Data” and “Wipe Cache”. THIS IS A MANDATORY STEP. If you do not select wipe data, this will not work.
  11. Choose “Install” twice. The box will reboot and install the firmware.
  12. Once rebooted, you’ll have the 1.1.5 firmware.

Manually Updating Firmware:

Some users may choose to update their firmware manually. Here you can find the necessary files and instructions to do so.

Installing the Latest Firmware Manually

  1. Download one of the firmwares below to your computer.
  2. Extract all of the files and put them on an SD card via the computer (Ignore the message about the multi volume disks)
  3. Plug the SD Card into the box.
  4. Unplug the power to the box.
  5. Using a toothpick or something similar, insert it into the back of the A/V port until you here a slight click sound. (This is the hidden button in the A/V port and you should be able to feel the button depress)
  6. Holding the button down in the A/V port, you will plug the box back into the power.
  7. When the Matricom screen appears, hold the button down for about 10~15 seconds longer, or until the screen turns to a different screen.
  8. You can now let go of the button. The screen will show you the Android Icon with a progress bar at the bottom. The box is now flashing. DO NOT UNPLUG THE BOX!
  9. Once that completes the box will restart and you’ll be at the latest firmware.

**NOTE: The box will now be able to use the OTA Updater app to download and install updates.**

1.1.6 Firmware:

1.1.6 Firmware Download

1.1.5 Firmware:

1.1.5 Firmware Download

1.1.5Pre Firmware:

1.1.5Pre Firmware Download


  • OTA Updater updated to allow downloads

Deprecated Firmware

This firmware listing is for historical reference only. The firmwares have since been replaced by newer, more robust versions of the firmware. If you choose to download the firmware, we are no longer supporting these versions.

1.1.4b Firmware:

1.1.4b Firmware Download

Bug Reporting

If you have any bugs on the device, please report all bugs to the MX2 Bug Report at our bug tracker. At this time all builds =< 1.1.6 will have bug trackers. So all builds including 1.1.5 and before do not have bug trackers. IF you experience any issues, please update to 1.1.6 first and then refer to the forums.