Why is my Matricom GBox ethernet performance horribly slow?

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Matricom GBox wired or wireless not getting more than 10 mbps on a 150 mbps service. I run speed test on phone and computer hard wired and get 140 mbps all day long. Any suggestions? Maybe a usb to ethernet adaptor?
commented Aug 21, 2016 by anonymous
I also need to know the answer to this. I have 150mbs service also, the speed test on my wifi on phone or mac is 177mbs, I have ethernet connected to my gbox and can only get about 6mbs. My xbox one is also hard wired and I get over 160mbs on it. What gives?
commented Aug 23, 2016 by tinman G-Box Newbie (1 point)
I am also having problems, 150 mbps service as well. G-box q2 connected via ethernet and speed tests show I get around 10 mbps down. My iPhone gets 60 mpbs down over wifi, laptop gets 180 mbps down via ethernet. Any solution or work around would be great.

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I have the same problem
answered Jan 12 by anonymous