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    • About G-Box Sigma E350

      The G-Box Sigma brings the power of the dual core AMD E350 1.6GHz processor with Radeon HD 6310 accelerated graphics allowing full 1080p HD playback in XBMC and more! The Sigma is loaded with the full Xubuntu OS and XBMC v13 Gotham pre-configured for the hardware to be a plug-n-play XBMC media center experience. The Sigma is the answer for your full HTPC Media Center requirements in a plug-n-play ready to go package. G-Box Sigma Support: This device is manufacturerd by Matricom and features a 1yr limited warranty. Support is available online by Matricom and through the G-Box community.
    • Specs

      • AMD E-350 Dual Core 1.6GHz Accelerated Processor
      • Radeon HD 6310 1080p Accelerated 3D Graphics
      • 2GB RAM (DDR3 SO-DIMM)
      • 32GB SSD High Speed eMMC Hard Drive
      • 6x USB 2.0 ports (2 front/4 back), HDMI, VGA, Mic, Line Out
      • 10/100 Ethernet (WiFi Capable via USB Dongle)
      • Xubuntu version 13.04 Loaded
      • XBMC Gotham 13 loaded w/Full 1080p Hardware Acceleration
      • Windows & Linux OS Compatible
      • 2x SATA, 1x eMMC, 1x Mini PCIe slot, 1x SO-DIMM PC3L DDR3
      • Full cold boot to Xubuntu in under 30 seconds
    • G-Box Sigma