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    • The New Matricom G-Box Midnight MX2 Demands your Attention, Please.

      Less than one year ago the G-Box Midnight was brought to market by Matricom. In this short time the Midnight became a global best-seller for Android TV Boxes due to it’s support for XBMC hardware decoding and insane flexibility. Fast-foward to today. We introduce to you our G-Box Midnight MX2, the dual core XBMC slayin’ set-top box. Unlike it’s predecessor, the MX2 features the M6 Amlogic dual core CPU teamed with the Mali400 MP Dual Core GPU giving it stellar performance in both Android and XBMC together. This new hardware platform jumps the performance hurdles that plagued the original Midnight and all M3 devices for that matter. Performance that makes it possible for XBMC to co-exist so nicely with Android. This gives you the best of both worlds without taking a performance loss in either.

      An XBMC Like No Other

      The MX2 comes loaded with a Special Edition version of XBMC. This version is commercially supported, which means real development effort is being put into this amazing software to better the MX2 for your streaming pleasures. The MX2 is capable of some pretty nifty feats, such as full HD 1080p streaming and decoding in this special edition. Unlike all of the other TV boxes on the market, the MX2 doesn’t suffer from audio/video sync issues and lack of support for add-ons. Everything simply works. And for the best part: more new features coming soon through automatic updating!

      Introducing the Over-The-Air Updating Set-Top Android TV Box

      The MX2 has been developed to be constantly updated with the newest features available without requiring any technical skills. This is achieved by using OTA (Over-The-Air) technology to update the device’s software. This means you’ll spend time using the MX2 for it’s true purpose instead of trying to find combinations of firmware and apps to install to make it work properly. This is a big leap in set-top box technology towards total user-friendliness. So sit back, watch your favorite streams and use your favorite Android apps on your big screen. You’ll simply be notified when an update is available and then you can choose to install it when you’re not busy enjoying your box.

      Features You Won’t Find in Counterfeit Boxes

      Thinking about buying a knock-off? Think again! Clone boxes (available from China and other desperate sellers on the internet trying to be like us) will not be running the same firmware as the MX2. Our unique software is tied to the specific hardware in our device and is not installable outside of our manufacturing process. What does this mean for clones? They’ll be left in the dust. We’re working hard to reduce counterfeits on the market to add value for our re-sellers and so that our customers know that they are purchasing an authentic device. When you purchase an authentic Matricom product, you are fueling our developers to make this product and all future products better… for you… the person that wants to enjoy things like free TV and fun Android apps.

      • * Amlogic A9 Dual Core Neon HD CPU
      • * Mali400 Dual Core High Performance 3D GPU
      • * 1GB RAM (DDR3)
      • * 8GB Total Internal Storage
      • * Advanced OTA Updating
      • * USB Storage Extendable (Flash Drives/HDD)
      • * SD Storage Extendable (Up to 32GB!)
      • * 802.11b/g/n internal Wifi
      • * HDMI v1.4 video output
      • * 10/100 Ethernet Port
      • * Coaxial SPDIF Digital Audio Output (Surround Sound)
      • * Composite Audio/Video Out
      • * 4x USB 2.0 Ports
      • * Android 4.2.x Jelly Bean installed
      • * Supports Wireless USB Keyboard/Mouse
      • * Google Play Store installed
      • * Unlocked Bootloader!
    • G-Box Midnight MX2

      Checking the firmware version

      Latest Firmware

      1. First, press the yellow button that says ‘Android’ on the remote.
      2. Next navigate to the app titled ‘OTA Updater’ and press ‘OK’.
      3. Finally, under the section titles ‘ROM Version’ list that here. It should be in the form 1.1.x.

      Install the Latest Firmware via OTA Updater

      This will allow updates to come through in the OTA Updater app that is located on the MX2. If you are already running at least 1.1.5, then you have no need to follow these instructions and can update the box by going to OTA Updater when an update is available.

      1. Download this file: Download
      2. Extract the contents of the zip file to an SD card (Make sure that the files are not in a folder) (Ignore the message about the multi volume disks)
      3. Insert the SD card into the MX2
      4. Press the yellow button on the remote labeled “Android” and choose the app that says “Upgrade”
      5. From there choose “Local” and select the file “MOTAUpdater.zip”
      6. Choose the option to reboot and install.
      7. Once the Box boots back up, press the yellow button labeled “Android” and choose the app “OTA Updater”
      8. It will say there is an update available, install the update and the device will update to the latest firmware.

      Installing the Latest Firmware Manually

      Installing the Latest Firmware via Toothpick Method

      1. Download this firmware here: Download
      2. Extract all of the files and put them on an SD card via the computer (Ignore the message about the multi volume disks)
      3. Plug the SD Card into the box.
      4. Unplug the power to the box.
      5. Using a toothpick or something similar, insert it into the back of the A/V port until you here a slight click sound. (This is the hidden button in the A/V port and you should be able to feel the button depress)
      6. Holding the button down in the A/V port, you will plug the box back into the power.
      7. When the Matricom screen appears, hold the button down for about 10~15 seconds longer, or until the screen turns to a different screen.
      8. Once that completes the box will restart and you’ll be at the latest firmware.

      **NOTE: The box will now be able to use the OTA Updater app to download and install updates.**

      Migrating from 4.1.2 to 4.2.2 (“Cache wipe failed” error)

      This needs to be done if you are running an older firmware such as 1.1.2f and would like to update to 1.1.5.
      This also needs to be done if you get the following error: “Cache wipe failed.” (See picture)
      Cache Wipe Failed

      1. Download this file and extract the contents to the root of an SD Card: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ddkk4l5a3gksasd/4.2.1-to-4.2.2-full-migration.zip
      2. Insert the SD Card into the MX2 and power the device off by unplugging the machine if it is not already unplugged.
      3. Insert a toothpick into the back of the A/V port to press the hidden reset switch. Holding the reset switch down, plug the MX2 into the power source.
      4. When the Matricom Logo appears, continue holding down the reset button for about 20 seconds until the screen changes to the green android with a progress bar at the bottom.

      At this point you can remove the toothpick from the A/V port. Allow up to 5 minutes for the firmware to flash. Afterwards you can flash the latest firmware on the box. See the FAQ on flashing the Latest Firmware.


      Boot Loop Recovery (Stuck at the Matricom Screen)

      Step 1: Recovery bootloader repair.

      Download this file and extract to an empty SD card: Boot Loop Recovery (5mb)

      (Your SD card should have two files: u-boot.bin and recovery.img).

      Insert the SD card into your MX2 and boot the MX2 holding the reset button located in the A/V port on the back of the device. You must hold this button with a toothpick while applying power to the device for about 10 seconds. You will see the “Matricom” logo appear on the screen. After about 10-12 seconds you will be presented with the Android recovery menu. Please unplug your unit (Your remote control will not be functional until after the next step).

      Step 2: Install latest Beta firmware on your MX2 [Prevents the booting bug from happening in the future].

      You will need to install the latest firmware on your MX2 to prevent your device from having the boot lock problem in the future.

      Firmware 1.1.6

      (When you unzip the file, you will get an error message asking for a Multi Volume disk. This is intentional because our firmware in encrypted and not designed to be completely unzipped. After extraction, you should be left with three files: a firmware zip file, and AML notepad file and a Recovery image file. Take those three files, put them on the Root of your SD card, and use the toothpick method to reset the box)

      Clearing Data/Cache/Defaults for XBMC

      The purpose of clearing out the Cache is to free up space on the box. If the XBMC becomes unresponsive and no longer opens, you can clear the Data and that will fix the issue. Note: wiping the data will set XBMC to factory defaults.

      If XBMC loads up when the box starts, you would choose the option to Clear Defaults.

      From the “Launcher”

      1) First press the home button on the remote. If presented with the option, choose the “Launcher”.
      2) Choose the circle with six squares in the middle to bring up the all apps menu.
      3) Next scroll to “Settings” and press “Ok”
      4) From the left, scroll down to “Apps” and press “Ok”
      5) Choose “XBMC” from the left and press ok
      6) Select the option that applies below
      Clear Data: This clears the data and cache for XBMC and makes it run like new. Press “Ok” to confirm deletion.
      Clear Cache: This clears the cache
      Clear Defaults: If XBMC replaced the home launcher, this resets the launchers

      From “XBMC”

      1) Choose Programs->Android Apps
      2) Choose “Settings”
      3) From the left, scroll down to “Apps” and press “Ok”
      4) Choose “XBMC” from the left and press ok
      5) Select the option that applies below
      Clear Data: This clears the data and cache for XBMC and makes it run like new
      Clear Cache: This clears the cache
      Clear Defaults: If XBMC replaced the home launcher, this resets the launchers

    • Download the manual here: MX2 Manual
      View the Manual here: MX2 Manual