There’s two ways that you can brick your Midnight. Either an incomplete firmware installation or removing power to the Midnight while it is booting. In either of these situations you will need to create an Recovery Disk to bring your Midnight back to life. This procedure creates a BOOTABLE card that will allow the Midnight to boot up even if there’s a problem with the internal file system.

Please note this is for the MIDNIGHT and not for the MX2.

First, please download the SD Recovery card image below:

G-Box Midnight Backup Raw SD Card Image

Then download and install the HDD Raw Copy Tool:

First, please unzip the SD Recovery card image. Then, using the HDD Raw Copy tool, locate the image and flash this image onto your SD card (follow the instructions in program). This will erase everything on your card.

When you have completed the flash from image to SD card, please inspect the files on the SD card to ensure that you have 4 files on your SD card.

If you have a REVISION 2.0 Midnight, please take these additional steps:

For your Revision 2 device, you must download the version of the Rev 2.0 firmware you’d like to flash to your Midnight from the Software and ROMs section and uncompress the downloaded file to your recovery SD card. Overwrite the files on your SD card with these files. This will allow you to install the firmware you need instead of the firmware that comes with the recovery card.


Now, follow the normal update procedure for the G-Box Midnight:

1) Insert SD Card into powered-off Midnight (power cable not plugged in) with no external USB storage attached.

2) Using a toothpick, insert into the Audio port of Midnight, press and hold the hidden button while plugging power in. Do not release until you see the update recovery screen.

3) Update will run automatically. When it is done then choose “Reboot”. You can disregard any errors that display after the update, they are not relevant to your device.


If you do not see the recovery screen after plugging in the power to the Midnight first inspect that you have 4 files on the SD card (a zip file, a couple of boot files and an amlogic configuration file). If you do not, then you need to use the HDD Raw Copy tool again because the files did not get flashed to your SD card. If you have all of these files on your SD card but still did not get the recovery to work then unplug your Midnight, remove the SD Card. Insert the SD Card again and follow the update procedure again. It’s possible that the SD Card wasn’t firmly inserted.

If you still have issues and cannot resolve them then the solution is to send the device back to UWS, who will repair the device for you. Please contact them at

Thank you.